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No Silver Bullet:
critical essay by fred brooks (mythical man month) regarding tools / software and the difficulties of a task
fred  brooks  software  theory  coding  practice 
october 2006 by driscoll
Pantechnicon | HyperCard | HomePage
excellent reference for objects, functions, commands, events, and control structures!
hypercard  hypertalk  mac  macintosh  apple  programming  code  coding  reference  wiki  hacking  hack 
june 2006 by driscoll
What's required to play the game ? You need the original DOS version datafiles and, optionally, the amiga music files. Is the game completable ? It should be. What are the differences between this and the original engine ? You can save/load the game state
reminiscence  flashback  abandonware  emulation  opensource  software  game  gaming  development  linux  mac  windows  programming  code  coding 
april 2006 by driscoll
weird dropped keyframe video editing in python
keyframe  video  editing  python  programming  code  intellectualproperty  freeculture  coding  hack  hacking  art 
march 2006 by driscoll
3d game engine w/ python bindings
mmorpg  3d  code  free  games  graphics  programming  coding  python  software  school  gaming 
january 2006 by driscoll

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