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Google Has Most of My Email Because It Has All of Yours | copyrighteous
Mako paga cientos de dólares por gestionar su email pero, pese a eso, Google tiene más de la mitad de sus correos
gmail  email  google  privacy  datamining  bigdata  python  r  statistics 
may 2014 by driscoll
What Would I Say?
"Yup, this wasn't relevant although rather magical" - auto-gen status updates from past status updates
text  analysis  bot  socialmedia  privacy  mining  datamining  data  bigdata  art  netart 
november 2013 by driscoll
Rage Against the Algorithms - Nicholas Diakopoulos - The Atlantic
RT : Rage Against the Algorithms –– "How can we deal with the power that algorithms may exert on us?"
algorithms  filterbubble  algorithm  culture  censorship  bigdata  data  mining  datamining  tracking  surveillance  web 
october 2013 by driscoll
Big Data Troves Stay Forbidden to Social Scientists -
Troves of Personal Data, Forbidden to Researchers
Published: May 21, 2012
bigdata  data  information  privacy  research  academia  industry  siliconvalley  socialmedia  datamining  retrieval  ir 
may 2012 by driscoll
Is There Big Money in Big Data? - Technology Review
The golden age for predictive behavior was 40 or 50 years ago, when data were really sparse
bigdata  data  information  science  prediction  machinelearning  computerscience  computing  mobile  privacy  datamining 
may 2012 by driscoll

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