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Wrighting April : Thoughts on my first programming conference
Have you seen this other take on SciPy? At least TTW ppl recognised women were human...
gender  sexism  feminism  women  tech  industry  python  software  engineering  culture  work  siliconvalley  difference 
july 2014 by driscoll
There is no gender gap in tech salaries – Quartz
"the two highest paying professions with wage equality are in technology (computer scientist and engineer)" the the
Gender  work  labor  equity  women  computing  science  engineering  industry  siliconValley 
march 2014 by driscoll
Daring Fireball: Walter Isaacson's 'Steve Jobs'
I just ran across this excellent and important critique of the Jobs bio. Gruber gets it right.
apple  people  microsoft  gates  jobs  biography  design  programming  engineering  usability  mythology 
june 2012 by driscoll

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