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USC seminar to explore how sci-fi fandom sparked the gay rights movement | USC News
RT @desconcentrado: Joseph Hawkins traces the connections between sci-fi fanzines and the queer underground press.
sf  scifi  fandom  queer  activism  underground  press  subculture  culture  diy  publishing 
august 2015 by driscoll
Inspired by Ferguson, 'Sleepy Hollow' star Orlando Jones launches 'Bullet Bucket Challenge' -- Fusion.
RT @jadedid: Inspired by Ferguson, 'Sleepy Hollow' star Orlando Jones launches 'Bullet Bucket Challenge'
activism  media  spectacle  violence  viral  video  performance  race  racism  police  cops  ferguson  fandom 
august 2014 by driscoll
The Ultras' Politics of Fun Confront Tyranny
The Ultras had mastered attack and defense strategies that helped reduce losses. They knew how to sustain active resistance. This became clear in the prominent roles they played in the battles of Qasr al-Nil Bridge, Ramses Street and the "Battle of the Camel."
fun  culture  popular  violence  activism  fandom  sports 
february 2012 by driscoll
♫ Piero Scaruffi's Music Database
scaruffi's history of pop as told by PDFs // no idea what to do with this! //
music  history  weird  diy  zine  fan  fanzine  fandom  archive  collection  criticism  review  pop  punk  hardcore 
july 2011 by driscoll
Some clarification on what can be posted regarding Prince music/videos
sad how locked down the prince fan forums are bc of his bizarre 'tude re: fan production
copyright  freeculture  prince  fandom  fan  video  youtube  dmca  remix 
may 2011 by driscoll
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