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Great piece on Cuba’s youth computer clubs—piracy & culture hubs made to foster tech savvy, pro-revolutionary kids
gaming  cuba  club  computing  personal  history  communism  internet  p2p  filesharing 
september 2015 by driscoll
Digital Natives » The Ballad of Zack McCune, Part 1
well produced video interview with a brown student who was sued by the RIAA. we need more of this ! hi-5 to berkman digi natives
riaa  freeculture  lawsuit  p2p  filesharing  interview  documentary  video 
august 2008 by driscoll
Oops: MPAA admits college piracy numbers grossly inflated
After commissioning a 2005 study from LEK Consulting that showed collegiate file-swappers were responsible for 44 percent of movie studio "losses" to piracy, the MPAA then used the report it bought to bludgeon Congress into considering legislation to addr
mpaa  filesharing  education  p2p  freeculture  lawsuit  policy  industry 
july 2008 by driscoll
The Tech - Run Over by the RIAA Don...t Tap the Glass
“In fact, the RIAA has been known to suggest that students drop out of college or go to community college in order to be able to afford settlements.”
riaa  lawsuit  filesharing  p2p  freeculture  music  freedom 
november 2007 by driscoll

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