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The Filmmaker Adam Curtis Shares His Thoughts on Our Generation | VICE
"And that’s why the VICE generation are apocalyptic and frightened" -Adam Curtis
Crisis  finance  journalism  news  television  tv  apocalypse 
january 2013 by driscoll
Floored: Into The Pit - Epic Trader Movie! - YouTube
Never seen so much COMPUTER HATE as in this docu on ppl who used to trade on the floor before it all went electronic
daytrading  daytrader  wallstreet  wallst  culture  finance  film  documentary  media  transition  money  industry  change  computing  work  labor  professionalization 
january 2013 by driscoll
Steve Jobs and the Money-Making Personality - Forbes

These are the 1% of us, the rare giants of industry, commerce and finance who occupy Wall Street suites, Silicon Valley campuses, and all great cities in between. These are the best and the brightest, not the worst and the dimmest, those who don’t whine that others owe them jobs or handouts but practice the virtues of rationality, honesty, integrity, independence, productiveness, and pride.
apple  objectivism  stevejobs  culture  finance  banking  libertarian  computing  industry  personal 
october 2011 by driscoll

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