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435 history
Art Gentry, W6MEP (sk) who built the very first repeater in the US that went on the air in 1955 as K6MYK and operated as such until the late 80's I believe.
ham  radio  amateur  repeater  cb  history  people  fm  california  la 
september 2011 by driscoll
HT220 Page
love these old ads + TV stills of the motorola "handie talkie" HT-220 radio in action //
radio  history  platform  ham  artifact  fm 
june 2011 by driscoll
101.3 Big City Pirate powers in
more radio geek discussion of Big City. sadly, some xenophobic commentary ensues.
lpfm  fm  radio  boston  diaspora  caribbean  reggae  hiphop  pirate  diy  community  broadcast 
october 2008 by driscoll
another interesting FM antenna project
fm  antenna  radio  project  diy  hack 
september 2007 by driscoll
creating a quad style FM antenna
wzbc instructions for building a cube / quad style antenna
antenna  fm  radio  diy  make  project  electronics  hack 
september 2007 by driscoll

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