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My Lisp Experiences and the Development of GNU Emacs - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
back in 02, RMS told a story about embedding LISP in Emacs as a trojan horse to turn users into programmers.
history  programming  code  hack  lisp  gnu  rms  freesoftware  industry  mit 
january 2011 by driscoll
Balloon v1.0
linux powered weather balloon project
weather  ballon  project  hack  hacking  haer  linux  gnu  photography  diy  photo  usb  meteorology 
july 2006 by driscoll
Jag's HyperCard Stacks
installing linux on an se 30 ??
mac  linux  macintosh  gnu  apple  se30  classic  old  PC  hacking 
february 2006 by driscoll
gnu cash
free open source accounting sw
free  business  accounting  software  gpl  gnu  linux  tools  web  gnome  opensource 
december 2005 by driscoll

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