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driscoll : house   78

And We Danced - 1986 Charts
In 1984 Jamie Principle recorded his own homemade track called Your Love that was suddenly in demand via cassette (the only medium he had available to record and distribute his song) across the city.
house  history  tape  cassette  diy 
october 2008 by driscoll
Pump up the Volume Vol.1
at around 21:00, great visual demo of DJ cutting, doubling, slamming, blending, looping.

also around 31:00, "that was on the dancefloor. it was like a different world."
dj  production  studio  howto  video  documentary  disco  dance  house 
september 2008 by driscoll
YouTube - Robin S - Show me Love
MTV BEACH HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
dance  tv  cable  90s  house  musicvideo 
april 2008 by driscoll • View topic - Ghettotech
lots of ghettotech / ghettohouse / booty links and discussion
booty  techno  house  ghettotech  dj  mixtapes 
january 2008 by driscoll
DJ Slugo
dj slugo homepage chicago
juke  chicago  house  techno  bass 
april 2007 by driscoll
bass / booty / techno / juking super record label
booty  bass  techno  house  juke  vinyl  dj 
april 2007 by driscoll
Juke - MP3 Music Streams on IMEEM
awesome juke mix. you know "it's me, snitches!" is just some watered down pop shit
juke  chicago  house  hiphop  music  playlist  dj 
april 2007 by driscoll
House 100 — Discopia
100 hit records from chicago's Warehouse parties in the 80s
disco  house  techno  chicago  dance  music  dj  records  songs  vinyl  jackthehouse 
april 2006 by driscoll

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