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Women in Punk Archive |
RT : YES, the Jenny Woolworth Women in Punk Archive got overhauled and is better than ever: (h/t )
punk  gender  rock  music  diy  hardcore  culture  sexuality  archive  history  library  women  feminism 
july 2015 by driscoll
Things That Make the Librarian Angry — The Message — Medium
Great piece by about the bind that librarians are put in by having to deal with DRM on ebooks:
Library  freeculture  librarian  drm  ebook  ebooks 
december 2014 by driscoll
University of Virginia Library Online Exhibits
Major archive of civil rights-era news footage now available : + exhibit!
library  video  archive  civilrights  racism  history 
august 2013 by driscoll
The AUDMCRS Underground Dance Music Collection of Recorded Sound
HARDCORE WILL NEVER DIE: "the music we hear as teenagers is..the most important music for the rest of our lives"
netart  art  archvie  music  techno  trance  vinyl  library  information  metadata  digitization  preservation 
august 2013 by driscoll
Cyberpunk Library
free cyber punk sf archive
sf  cyberpunk  library  scifi 
april 2007 by driscoll
a book bound in human skin sotred in the boston athanaeum
boston  athanaeum  highwayman  human  skin  bound  book  oddity  libraries  library 
june 2006 by driscoll

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