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Smackerel: When multimedia was black and white
this looks prrrime! have you read "when multimedia was black & white"??
art  design  multimedia  blackwhite  black  white  mac  macintosh  apple  mackerel  pixel  software  hypercard 
february 2011 by driscoll - Mac - SSH on Mac OS X
another ssh tutorial. this one for mac users. these links are useful to have around.
ssh  keychain  mac  apple 
september 2008 by driscoll
Pantechnicon | HyperCard | HomePage
excellent reference for objects, functions, commands, events, and control structures!
hypercard  hypertalk  mac  macintosh  apple  programming  code  coding  reference  wiki  hacking  hack 
june 2006 by driscoll
What's required to play the game ? You need the original DOS version datafiles and, optionally, the amiga music files. Is the game completable ? It should be. What are the differences between this and the original engine ? You can save/load the game state
reminiscence  flashback  abandonware  emulation  opensource  software  game  gaming  development  linux  mac  windows  programming  code  coding 
april 2006 by driscoll
Jag's HyperCard Stacks
installing linux on an se 30 ??
mac  linux  macintosh  gnu  apple  se30  classic  old  PC  hacking 
february 2006 by driscoll
Susan Kare User Interface Graphics Portfolio
designer behind icons for early mac, win3.0, and os/2 warp!!
design  icon  graphics  icons  graphic  interface  ui  mac  windows  os2  pixel  pixelated 
february 2006 by driscoll

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