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The People's Record
The candid statement seems to catch the reporter off guard; he ends the interview shortly afterward. And it’s notable that among the many memorable things Ramsey said on camera, this one has gotten less meme-attention than most. Those who are simply having fun with the footage of Ramsey might pause for a second to actually listen to the man. He clearly knows a thing or two about the way racism prevents us from seeing each other as people.
racism  race  meme  internet  socialmedia  macro  news  journalism 
may 2013 by driscoll
The day I met Mike Godwin
this man says that he came up with godwin's law first
internet  culture  usenet  history  people  homepage  meme  argument  rhetoric 
september 2009 by driscoll
YouTube - Does Barack Obama belong to a cult?
comparing wright's baptist church to a white separatist movement
obama  campaign  election  meme  rumor  remix  fox  broadcast  tv 
september 2008 by driscoll
The Master Of Memes - TIME
moot wouldn't be above cashing out for the right price, which is $580 million, which is what Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. paid for MySpace in 2005. "I try to work Murdoch into any interview I give," he says. "Rupert Murdoch?"
moot  4chan  meme 
july 2008 by driscoll
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