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Peter Tattam created Trumpet Winsock and got very little: Let's set things right | Hacker News
In the comment below, nailer mentioned that the creator of Trumpet Winsock saw very little money from one of the most widely-used pieces of shareware then in existence. Magazines and ISPs distributed the full version of his software but very few paid for it[2].
winsock  windows  tcpip  internet  history  bbs  retrocomputing  personal  computing  microsoft  trumpet 
may 2014 by driscoll
Power has corrupted us. RT @desconcentrado: faithful port of mspaint in javascript using the html5 canvas
mspaint  paint  pixel  art  emulation  port  html5  javascript  netart  windows  microsoft 
october 2013 by driscoll
Microsoft posts its first Law Enforcement Requests Report, shows US-centric scrutiny
"Microsoft posts its first Law Enforcement Requests Report, shows US-centric scrutiny" good read
Surveillance  security  privacy  stewardship  nsa  fbi  transparency  corporation  Microsoft  service  email 
september 2013 by driscoll
Daring Fireball: Walter Isaacson's 'Steve Jobs'
I just ran across this excellent and important critique of the Jobs bio. Gruber gets it right.
apple  people  microsoft  gates  jobs  biography  design  programming  engineering  usability  mythology 
june 2012 by driscoll
Mandriva Blog » An open letter to Steve Ballmer
sad story about mandriva shipping on classmate PCs in nigeria
linux  mandriva  microsoft  nigeria  africa 
november 2007 by driscoll
Niniane home page
female hacker with an awesome home page. must show her work to the 9th/10th grade classes next year!
school  hacker  female  women  computing  computerscience  programmer  graphics  google  microsoft  games  search 
june 2006 by driscoll

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