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After $20,000 Is Raised, Spotify Rips Down the 'Sleepify' Album... | Digital Music NewsDigital Music News
After Paying $20 Grand For Silent Tracks, Spotify Removes the 'Sleepify' Album: Band (Vulfpeck) Responds:
Noise  silence  sound  music  industry  streaming  freeculture  copyright  Web  centralization  censorship 
april 2014 by driscoll
U B U W E B - Film & Video: Christian Marclay - Record Player: Christian Marclay (2000)
Christian Marclay's plunder phonics & turntablism, A documentary with Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo, Erik M. and more:
turntable  music  performance  documentary  art  film  remix  sampling  sound  noise 
june 2013 by driscoll
mudd up! » archive DJ Rupture's Sufi Plug Ins: free download & demo video
I just arrived in Istanbul. Good place 2 mention Sufi Plugins, new software concocted by , download & tweak
music  audio  studio  howto  vst  plugin  software  code  machine  industry  sound  noise  tools 
may 2012 by driscoll
review of AC playing in japan (with masonna!)
hardcore  punk  metal  review  performance  japan  noise 
july 2011 by driscoll
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