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Green Lantern - Yes We Can (Mixtape) « 2dopeboyz
THIS SYSTEM NEED FI CHANGE. gotta dig around the comments a bit for the re-up but download it, if only for the movado track...
c4bull  mixtapes  hiphop  reggae  dancehall  dj  campaign  election  obama 
october 2008 by driscoll
YouTube - Racist Ohioan Mike Lunsford Hangs Obama Effigy from Noose in Tree
listen to the neighbors. they are so scared of this nut. confounds the notion that these people represent any sort of mainstream view.
racism  election  campaign  c4bull  obama  broadcast  tv  kkk 
october 2008 by driscoll
YouTube - Does Barack Obama belong to a cult?
comparing wright's baptist church to a white separatist movement
obama  campaign  election  meme  rumor  remix  fox  broadcast  tv 
september 2008 by driscoll
Nah Right » Blog Archive » Video: ?uestlove on Karmaloop TV Pt. 1
?uestlove smurders with the subtle obama t
obama  election  hiphop  interview  people  campaign 
september 2008 by driscoll
Kevin Powell: Time for New Black Leaders
I certainly acknowledge and appreciate what the Civil Righters have done, but we younger African Americans are saying now, loudly, the jig is up and it is time for you to go, especially if you have not created hope and plans of action for our communities.
politics  brooklyn  blackness  campaign  election  obama  generation  gap 
july 2008 by driscoll
Obama rumors fly in Flag City USA - Washington Post-
"I think Obama would be a disaster, and there's a lot of reasons," said Pollard, explaining the rumors he had heard about the candidate from friends he goes camping with. "I understand he's from Africa, and that the first thing he's going to do if he gets
obama  truthiness  gossip  election  campaign  politics  politricks 
june 2008 by driscoll
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