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Another touching tribute from . Nobody tells that story, of hackers being feared and persecuted, better.
obit  death  aaronsw  hacker  hacking  freeculture 
january 2013 by driscoll
Aaron is dead. from Tim Berners-Lee on 2013-01-12 ( from January 2013)
Wanderers in this crazy world, we have lost a mentor, a wise elder. Hackers for right, we are one down, we have lost one of our own. Nurtures, careers, listeners, feeders, parents all, we have lost a child. Let us all weep.
death  obit  aaronsw  rip  freeculture 
january 2013 by driscoll
Lessig Blog, v2
Larry Lessig on the government bullying of Aaron Swartz, that lead to his suicide: meanwhile:
suicide  death  obit  depression  aaronsw  freeculture 
january 2013 by driscoll
Eric A. Hall - - Article Archives - - In Memorium of Ray Noorda -
obit for ray noorda, ceo/pres of novell (of netware fame) -- crucial figure in commercializing PC networks ::
computing  personal  networking  industry  people  obit 
april 2011 by driscoll
Bismarck Tribune - Obituaries
Webster Sterling Swenson's Obit, master of Shyguy's Kingdom
shyguyskingdom  sprite  art  obit  people  pixel  nes  fan  fanart 
december 2007 by driscoll

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