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So it Begins – The Reformation Beast and the MOOCs that come with it. | Unpacking Reform
Ok, y'all I protect tweets now because, well, crazies. BUT I had to go pubic to share this story from an undergrad.
Mooc  online  education  academia  pedagogy 
may 2013 by driscoll
Political JavaScript: progress.js -
HTML5 and Flash components enable modern websites to do some pretty remarkable things right in the browser. Things like detecting a user's location, making phone calls and sending faxes.

Instead of just blacking out a website and writing about SOPA, our tools should inform visitors about the issue and give them an instant, convenient way to make a phone call to their representative, right on the site of the owner who embedded our script.
web  software  programming  code  location  javascript  blackout  acta  pipa  sipa  copyright  freeculture  online  activism 
january 2012 by driscoll
Brandon Vedas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
ripper, "i told u i was hardcore", died in a chatroom
OD  chatroom  ripper  death  online  cyberspace  drugs 
september 2005 by driscoll

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