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Programming Education: Computer Science Should Reform or Stop Teaching Programming - wilkie writes a thing
My related thoughts: "Computer Science Should Reform or Stop Teaching Programming" No more math prereqs; more art.
programming  cs  compsci  computerscience  education  curriculum  pedagogy  teaching  learning 
july 2014 by driscoll
So it Begins – The Reformation Beast and the MOOCs that come with it. | Unpacking Reform
Ok, y'all I protect tweets now because, well, crazies. BUT I had to go pubic to share this story from an undergrad.
Mooc  online  education  academia  pedagogy 
may 2013 by driscoll
303 See Other
"Harvard Asks Graduates to Donate Time to Free Online Humanities Class,"
Humanities  Harvard  mooc  pedagogy  teaching  learning  academia  education  industry  work  labor 
march 2013 by driscoll
Welcome to Teaching Media - TEACHING MEDIA
New @CinemaJournal Teaching Dossier at focusing on Online Teaching in Film and Media Studies.
pedagogy  research  media  teaching  curriculum  mediastudies  communication  academia 
november 2012 by driscoll

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