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That mischevous modem
shady computer users soon discovered that they could force their computer to pipe OTHER tones through the modem, such as those AT&T used to open up secured phone lines, allow free long-distance calls, make quarters pop out of public phones, and other tones. These days, digital technology has made this capability a thing of the past, but at the time, the 1660 was a favorite with "Phreakers" and "Hackers".
phreak  hack  hacking  phone  c64  modem  commodore  bbs  history 
january 2014 by driscoll
Exploding The Phone -- Extra Goodies -- The Mark Bernay Society
"So I go over to Al's house and I'm totally blown away," Richard remembers. "He had this basement... he had equipment absolutely everywhere." Richard was particularly impressed by Diamond's telephonic infrastructure: "I thought I was good because I had two [phone lines]... but he had maybe 7 or 8 phone lines back then. He had equipment to play recordings. This was before you could buy your own answering machine... he had built equipment where he could put a regular tape recording on the line and people could call in and hear a recording, and he could play that recording to multiple lines at once.
phone  phreak  hack  hacking  history  people  prank  tape 
january 2014 by driscoll
David A. Mellis: DIY Cellphone
A DIY mobile phone: This thing is gorgeous! (by @mellis)
phone  gsm  mobile  cell  hacking  hack  hardware 
november 2013 by driscoll
another world deluxe
mobile adaptation of one of my favorite games
anotherworld  outofthisworld  silhouette  art  gaming  mobile  phone 
november 2007 by driscoll

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