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The pirates of YouTube | Technology |
I dont agree with blatant piracy but I fully expect it is within "fair usage" or "reasonable use" that I could take a snippet or a clip of something I saw in a programme and upload it ?

I'm not entirely against this statement... but I can see a problem with it from a legal point of view...
words such as "blatant", "snippet", "clip", "saw in a programme", "upload" are very easy to stretch to breaking point
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january 2012 by driscoll
Major ISPs agree to "six strikes" copyright enforcement plan
AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Time Warner Cable agree to "6 strikes" copyright policy // "u mad, doggie" // via
freeculture  copyright  music  industry  isp  internet  freedom  law  riaa  movie  film  piracy 
july 2011 by driscoll
Screenplays for You - free movie scripts and screenplays
"I'm Alex Raynor, Russian web-developer and cinema fan so do math..." // "Screenplays for You" //
cinema  film  text  archive  history  diy  piracy  freeculture  russia 
january 2011 by driscoll
YouTube - TENACIOUS D - Jack Black on Piracy
don't be a douche is the most reasonable statement in this video
piracy  criticism  freeculture  advertising  psa 
december 2008 by driscoll

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