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What Just Happened on Reddit? Understanding The Moderator Blackout | Social Media Collective
J. Nathan Matias is researching a PhD on Reddit - here's his take on the moderator blackout from a few weeks back:
reddit  moderation  community  messageboard  forum  censorship  speech  policy  work  labor  volunteer 
july 2015 by driscoll
Houston, We Have A Public Domain Problem — Medium
I got a bogus takedown for a public domain sound recording. That reflects a much larger problem I write about here:
Copyright  publicdomain  ip  law  policy  takedown  dmca  freeculture 
january 2015 by driscoll
Untitled (
Reddit wants to be a techno-libertarian paradise but it's really a feudal system run by a group of angry warlords:
reddit  privacy  tech  policy  architecture  infrastructure  messageboard  siliconvalley  ideology  bbs 
september 2014 by driscoll
UN Agency's Leaked Playbook: Panic, Chaos over Anti-Internet Treaty - Forbes
The #ITU's "playbook" has been leaked, @larrydownes has a great summary of it:
trade  industry  media  internet  regulation  governance  policy  activism  acta  sopa  itu  wcit  pr 
november 2012 by driscoll
US Border Agency Says It Can Seize Laptops -
in cop heaven, they steal from you constantly. this time, it's laptops. free for border cops.
cops  border  privacy  travel  policy  waronterror 
august 2008 by driscoll
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