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Personal touch, family feel won workers’ loyalty at Market Basket grocery chain - Business - The Boston Globe
"All this at a time when most workers fret about job security and don’t know who owns their companies."
marketbasket  protest  activism  boston  media  work  labor  space  geography  identity 
july 2014 by driscoll
The View Inside of the L.A. Trayvon Martin Protest that Shut Down the 10 Freeway - Jasmyne Online
Hi-res pics and video from today's 10 Freeway closure during the #LosAngeles #TrayvonMartin protest -
photography  protest  activism  trayvonmartin  losangeles 
july 2013 by driscoll
Social Text: Blog: Is it a Crime? The Transgressive Politics of Hacking in Anonymous
Michael Ralph and Gabriella Coleman are professors at New York

University and are collaborating on an article on the role of dissent

and direct action within Anonymous and in the 2011 "Arab Spring"

uprisings across Africa and southwest Asia. They seek to bring

anthropological knowledge and perspectives to bear on public

discussion and debates.
hacking  anonymous  protest  internet  culture  wikileaks  4chan 
october 2011 by driscoll
Why Belarus is not Egypt | BELARUS DIGEST
RT "other reason why Belarus is not Egypt; very difficult to organize ppl in a country w cold climate"
protest  demonstration  politics  transnational  social 
february 2011 by driscoll

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