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USC seminar to explore how sci-fi fandom sparked the gay rights movement | USC News
RT @desconcentrado: Joseph Hawkins traces the connections between sci-fi fanzines and the queer underground press.
sf  scifi  fandom  queer  activism  underground  press  subculture  culture  diy  publishing 
august 2015 by driscoll
YouTube - Queer Vision Quest Remix
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Every time I watch the movie I start goin' "Look out Louden!!! The guy in the hotel room is gay!!! Don't do Thai-Chi with him!!!"
queer  remix  visionquestion  sports  film  wrestling 
february 2008 by driscoll | | Feature | Sex Machine | 1998-08-27
lengthy biography of the "saint" of gender re-assignment surgery
transgender  transsexual  surgey  medicine  queer  trinidad 
january 2006 by driscoll

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