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Major ISPs agree to "six strikes" copyright enforcement plan
AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Time Warner Cable agree to "6 strikes" copyright policy // "u mad, doggie" // via
freeculture  copyright  music  industry  isp  internet  freedom  law  riaa  movie  film  piracy 
july 2011 by driscoll
Defendant knocks Web illiterate juror in RIAA case | Tech news blog - CNET News
She calmly reads the quotes by juror Michael Hegg that appeared Tuesday in a story by She then draws a bead on where Hegg said he is a father, former snowmobile racer and has never been on the Internet.

"I don't need to say too much, obviously," Thomas told CNET on Wednesday. "They admit that they are computer illiterate. This person (Hegg) has never been on the Internet, so how can he say whether my story is possible? I've been contacted by Internet security experts who said that spoofing my address would have been trivial. Internet illiterate people are not going to be able to understand that."
freeculture  riaa  lawsuit  literacy 
october 2008 by driscoll
Vice Joint Task Force
cops make a website with drugs and mixtapes on the same page. same squad that is auctioning dj drama's tour van. they are enemies of american culture.
wtf  hiphop  mixtapes  cops  police  dj  djdrama  raid  riaa 
october 2008 by driscoll
Digital Natives » The Ballad of Zack McCune, Part 1
well produced video interview with a brown student who was sued by the RIAA. we need more of this ! hi-5 to berkman digi natives
riaa  freeculture  lawsuit  p2p  filesharing  interview  documentary  video 
august 2008 by driscoll
Bend Over Dude, You’re Getting A Dell |
very strange story of riaa pressuring the removal of a hardware feature from soundcards... tinfoil cap?
tinfoil  riaa  freeculture  hardware  hack  audio 
july 2008 by driscoll
The Tech - Run Over by the RIAA Don...t Tap the Glass
“In fact, the RIAA has been known to suggest that students drop out of college or go to community college in order to be able to afford settlements.”
riaa  lawsuit  filesharing  p2p  freeculture  music  freedom 
november 2007 by driscoll

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