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Game Maker Pages
apparently used to make some shmups?
diy  doujin  gaming  programming  code  shmups  school 
march 2007 by driscoll
Niniane home page
female hacker with an awesome home page. must show her work to the 9th/10th grade classes next year!
school  hacker  female  women  computing  computerscience  programmer  graphics  google  microsoft  games  search 
june 2006 by driscoll
3d game engine w/ python bindings
mmorpg  3d  code  free  games  graphics  programming  coding  python  software  school  gaming 
january 2006 by driscoll
start up school
one-day infoblitz about creating a startup
startup  dotcom  business  hacker  software  harvard  cambridge  boston  school  education 
september 2005 by driscoll
Word Reference
english italian spanish french dictionary reference!
dictionary  english  spanish  reference  school  french  italian  español  italiano  français 
september 2005 by driscoll
Wired 13.04: La Vida Robot
4 high school kids pwn caltech and mit in a robotics competition
kids  school  highschool  robotics  mit  caltech  pwned  hacking  street  phoenix 
september 2005 by driscoll
On the Media -September 2, 2005
virtual economy, .xxx TLD, fantasy sports
virtual  economy  mmorpg  internet  web  mp3  npr  podcasts  school 
september 2005 by driscoll

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