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The Last Days of Football | Online Only | n+1
2 articles to get you excited for the abolition of professional football
football  sports  nfl  culture  TV  labor  popular  pop 
january 2015 by driscoll
End Game: Inside the Destruction of Curt Schilling's 38 Studios
Great write up on the 38 studios-game startup blow up in providence,ri | /via
gaming  industry  startup  culture  venturecapital  sports  management  jobs 
july 2012 by driscoll
The Berrics - Berrics Records
FOR THE RECORD Most Shuvits In One Minute - Josh Barnett
skating  skateboarding  video  sports 
june 2012 by driscoll
The Ultras' Politics of Fun Confront Tyranny
The Ultras had mastered attack and defense strategies that helped reduce losses. They knew how to sustain active resistance. This became clear in the prominent roles they played in the battles of Qasr al-Nil Bridge, Ramses Street and the "Battle of the Camel."
fun  culture  popular  violence  activism  fandom  sports 
february 2012 by driscoll
wow. i still respect and fear kimbo but this is crazy. also, this is an especially weird video because of the little kids' voices.
mma  kimboslice  fighting  sports  athletics 
october 2008 by driscoll
ESPN - ESPN The Magazine - lil wayne first blog post
Lil Wayne is a commercially successful rapper and major sports fan.
blog  celebrity  lilwayne  hiphop  sports 
september 2008 by driscoll
YouTube - Arnold gets pissed
horrible misrepresentation of the sport. why did arnold do this?
bodybuilding  film  sports  athletics 
september 2008 by driscoll
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