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What Does Ethical Social Networking Software Look Like? — The Message — Medium
The best thing I've read about Ello, which is actually about how hard it is to break a pattern.
Data  bigdata  socialmedia  privacy  vc  tech  industry  startup 
september 2014 by driscoll
End Game: Inside the Destruction of Curt Schilling's 38 Studios
Great write up on the 38 studios-game startup blow up in providence,ri | /via
gaming  industry  startup  culture  venturecapital  sports  management  jobs 
july 2012 by driscoll
Fugu Talk :: The Good Old Days
"Professional programming lacks the luster of the old days." —Phil Chu via
gaming  programming  startup  work  industry  culture  computing  jobs  pay  office  cubicle  benefits 
july 2012 by driscoll
start up school
one-day infoblitz about creating a startup
startup  dotcom  business  hacker  software  harvard  cambridge  boston  school  education 
september 2005 by driscoll

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