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RT @safiyanoble: #charlestonsyllabus A bibliography on the history of racism and whiteness in the U.S. (the basics) #critlib
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june 2015 by driscoll
Syllabus | MAS S65: Science Fiction to Science Fabrication
The class is called Science Fiction to Science Fabrication. We read and prototype ideas from SF:
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october 2013 by driscoll
Open Thread Wednesday! Sharing Syllabi? - ProfHacker - The Chronicle of Higher Education
While a graduate student, I've had the opportunity to teach an undergraduate engineering course several times. At the onset, several professors shared not only their syllabi but other materials as well. While I developed my own lectures and approach, these materials were an invaluable reference to me as I began my teaching career.

As a result, I keep a zip file of all my materials (syllabi, lecture notes, homework solutions, exam archive, etc.) that I happily share with other graduate student instructors (and even a few professors) who have since taught the same course for the first time.

For me personally, the opposing, more guarded perspective gains more validity if it is a highly specialized and unique course that is outside the scope of any existing textbook or depends heavily on the instructor's personal experience.
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june 2011 by driscoll
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RT My Qualitative Research Methods in Communication syllabus is now posted:
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january 2011 by driscoll

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