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Exploding The Phone -- Extra Goodies -- The Mark Bernay Society
"So I go over to Al's house and I'm totally blown away," Richard remembers. "He had this basement... he had equipment absolutely everywhere." Richard was particularly impressed by Diamond's telephonic infrastructure: "I thought I was good because I had two [phone lines]... but he had maybe 7 or 8 phone lines back then. He had equipment to play recordings. This was before you could buy your own answering machine... he had built equipment where he could put a regular tape recording on the line and people could call in and hear a recording, and he could play that recording to multiple lines at once.
phone  phreak  hack  hacking  history  people  prank  tape 
january 2014 by driscoll
pre-electronic binary code | Flickr: Intercambio de fotos
in another mysterious flickr trend, pre-electronic binary code from my father-in-law's basement is trending.
code  data  information  interface  media  residual  history  punchcard  tape  binary  artifact 
june 2012 by driscoll
And We Danced - 1986 Charts
In 1984 Jamie Principle recorded his own homemade track called Your Love that was suddenly in demand via cassette (the only medium he had available to record and distribute his song) across the city.
house  history  tape  cassette  diy 
october 2008 by driscoll

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