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The Last Days of Football | Online Only | n+1
2 articles to get you excited for the abolition of professional football
football  sports  nfl  culture  TV  labor  popular  pop 
january 2015 by driscoll
The Filmmaker Adam Curtis Shares His Thoughts on Our Generation | VICE
"And that’s why the VICE generation are apocalyptic and frightened" -Adam Curtis
Crisis  finance  journalism  news  television  tv  apocalypse 
january 2013 by driscoll
Time Warner Cable Expands ‘Usage Cap-for-$5 Discount’ Nationwide by End of December | Stop the Cap!
Time Warner Cable's accounting inadvertently exposes the company has a 95% gross profit margin on broadband.
broadband  bandwidth  industry  cable  tv  video  neutrality  network  net  cap 
december 2012 by driscoll
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