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How Did Larry Nassar Deceive So Many for So Long?
ALL THE CONTENT WARNINGS for sexual assault and infuriating coverups.
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21 hours ago
The Road to QUIC
HTTP/3, possibly, over UDP and encrypted by default.
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4 days ago
The Evolution Of Open – blarg?
People cannot be equal participants in environments where they are subject to wildly unequal risk. People cannot be equal participants in environments where they are unequally threatened.
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4 days ago
Free As In Health Care – blarg?
The cannier among you will already have noted – and scarred Linux veterans can definitely attest to the fact – that there’s no mention at all of freedom-from in there. The FSF’s unstated position has always been that anyone who wants to be free from indignities like an opaque contraption of a user experience, buggy drivers and nonexistent vendor support in their software, not to mention the casual sexism and racism of the free software movement itself, well. Those people can go pound sand all the way to the Apple store. (Which is what everyone did, but let’s put that aside for the moment.)
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4 days ago
Google - Site Reliability Engineering
Really nice as a toe-dip into how chaotic this can be, even though it's not cybersec-centric.
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6 days ago
Why Do Twitter Users Tag Partners in Their Bios? - The Atlantic
Could be interesting to ask students what they think about this.
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9 days ago
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