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Facebook overhauling News Feed is actually good for social media managers
Interaction, interaction, interaction. (Though people are gonna pay bots to interact in 3... 2... 1...)
341webmgmt  socialmedia  facebook 
12 hours ago
Certified Malice | text/plain
Phishers use certificates for HTTPS because of course they do. "You could be having a private conversation with Satan."
cybersecurity  phishing  ux 
5 days ago
Women, Gender, Sexuality, and Computing History – Core+ – Medium
An explicitly archival angle: donors to archives are usually children/spouses of the deceased, so women and queer folk will appear less.
500  archives  erasure 
10 days ago
OEBPS 1.0.1
Clear copyright statement!
14 days ago
Genome | Do You Belong to You?
While Contreras acknowledges that the families in these cases should have been kept in the loop, he believes that the destruction of samples and the cessation of research hurt everyone. “Everyone benefits from medical research,” he says.
18 days ago
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