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Security Industry Errata Page
Various cybersec malfeasants and their stories. Fertile ground for horror.
cybersecurity  horrorstories 
8 weeks ago by dsalo
Surprise Echo Owners, You're Now Part of Amazon's Random Social Network
It's Google Buzz's screwup all over again. That you talked to someone on the phone once DOES NOT mean you two are socially connected.
internetofthings  privacy  horrorstories 
july 2017 by dsalo
Photobucket Is Holding People's Photos For "Ransom"
When a crappy change to a business model does in a large swathe of the historical web.
webarchiving  horrorstories 
july 2017 by dsalo
Doxed by Microsoft’s Users unwittingly shared sensitive docs publicly | Ars Technica
People upload stuff to cloud, don't check privileges, share with entire world when they shouldn't.
privacy  cloudstorage  horrorstories  recordsmgmt 
march 2017 by dsalo
The Invisible Force That Warps What You Read in the News
Interesting take on "who tells your story" and how they tell it, if you've gotten yourself into a negative news narrative.
socialmedia  horrorstories  newsmedia  341webmgmt 
march 2017 by dsalo
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