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More on Project Bamboo.
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10 days ago by dsalo
Cloud Hosting Provider Battling Christmas Eve Ransomware Attack — Krebs on Security
Good example of a totally crappy incident notification. Students could rip it apart in class! Via Twitter: "- Instant attribution to North Korea
- Reference to 9/11 terrorist attacks
- Needless use of “sophisticated”
- Claiming detection wasn’t possible
- Reference other victims to note defense is hard"
breaches  incidentresponse  horrorstories  510  cloud  cloudstorage 
16 days ago by dsalo
Horribly misdesigned wordmarks.
design  horrorstories 
5 weeks ago by dsalo domain hacked, plastered with trolling, filth and anti-transgender vandalism • The Register
CONTENT WARNING: mention of transphobic garbage (thankfully not actually reproduced)
dns  horrorstories  510  doxing 
5 weeks ago by dsalo
Cryptography failure leads to easy hacking for PlayStation Classic | Ars Technica
Don't put the damn private key on the same thing it's supposed to unlock. FFS.
cryptography  510  horrorstories 
5 weeks ago by dsalo
Facebook Censors Art Historian for Posting Nude Art, Then Boots Him from Platform
DON'T USE SOCIAL MEDIA AS AN ARCHIVE FFS. What did this dimwitted nimrod THINK was gonna happen?!
webarchiving  horrorstories  socialmedia  facebook  censorship 
6 weeks ago by dsalo
An audit of some processing effects in aggregated occurrence records
Automated "quality checks" by databases of incoming records fsck a whole bunch of data up. Heckuva job, programmers. I bet y'all didn't think you needed human review.
dataservices  dataquality  horrorstories  datacuration 
may 2018 by dsalo
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