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Opinion | Deleting Facebook Won’t Fix the Problem - The New York Times
Story of a military mother who worried that her Facebook DMs could endanger her child if breached.
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5 weeks ago by dsalo
I Gave a Bounty Hunter $300. Then He Located Our Phone - Motherboard
"illegal access to data is an unfortunate occurrence across virtually every industry that deals in consumer or employee data, and it is impossible to detect a fraudster, or rogue customer, who requests location data of his or her own mobile devices when the required consent is provided."
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5 weeks ago by dsalo
The true cost of digital convenience - UnHerd
Takes on the "but it's conVEEEEEEEEEnient!" argument head-on.
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9 weeks ago by dsalo
Spying Online In Syria « Digital Frontiers
2012, "privacy nihilism," phrase coiner possibly Eva Galperin of EFF.
10 weeks ago by dsalo
Why Data Privacy Based on Consent Is Impossible
Notice-and-consent is broken. Interview with Helen Nissenbaum.
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september 2018 by dsalo
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