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The Bold Robocar Roaming Las Vegas Without a Human Backup
Title is a lie: There is no backup driver in the driver's seat, but the backup driver in the passenger seat has emergency controls.
article  autonomousvehicles  editorial  wired  technology  yandex  russia 
Ruth Bader Ginsburg's absence creates uncertainty about Supreme Court's present and future
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's cancer surgery and ongoing recuperation has cast an atmosphere of uncertainty over the Supreme Court at a critical time for its future and as the legal fate of several controversial White House policies hang in the balance.
article  cnn  scotus  politics 
11 days ago
Microsoft Bing not only shows child pornography, it suggests it
Illegal child exploitation imagery is easy to find on Microsoft’s Bing search engine. But even more alarming is that Bing will suggest related keywords and images that provide pedophiles with more child pornography. Following an anonymous tip, TechCrunch commissioned a report from online safe…
article  technology  pornography  microsoft 
12 days ago
NBC and MSNBC Blamed Russia for Using “Sophisticated Microwaves” to Cause “Brain Injuries” in U.S. “Diplomats” in Cuba. The Culprits Were Likely Crickets.
Sound included in initial reports was possibly crickets... article does nothing to explain injuries beyond "could have been caused by a variety of things"
editorial  theintercept  article  glenngreenwald 
15 days ago
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