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A DNA Sequencer in Every Pocket
A DNA Sequencer in Every Pocket via @emmaogreen
article  theatlantic  dna  technology  genetics  healthcare 
april 2016 by dwight
The Nature of Transhuman Nature
Neurobiological Transhumanism and Genetic Enlightenment.
article  h+  crispr  biology  genetics 
february 2016 by dwight
Study claims 1 in 4 cancer research papers contains faked data
A closer look at the results suggests things are bad, but not quite that bad.
article  arstechnica  epistemology  empericism  genetics 
june 2015 by dwight
Individuality May Be a Genetic Trait, Study Suggests
Genetically identical animals raised under similar conditions can make very different choices. These distinctions are helping researchers map the biological
article  biology  quantamag  genetics  gametheory  evolution 
may 2015 by dwight
Why it's time to lay the selfish gene to rest
For decades, the selfish gene metaphor let us view evolution with new clarity. Is it now blinding us?
article  evolution  genetics  biology  history  science  aeonmag  editorial 
january 2014 by dwight
What can genes do?
Simplistic ideas of how genes 'cause' traits are no longer viable: life is an orderly collection of uncertainties
article  biology  evolution  determinism  genetics  history  science  editorial  aeonmag 
june 2013 by dwight

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