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'Smells Like Teen Spirit' played in a major chord turns Nirvana into a late 2000s pop punk band
A musician has remixed Nirvana's classic hit 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' in a major chord and the effect is...disturbing.
article  music  video  history  culture  humor 
5 weeks ago by dwight
Buster Keaton: the art of the gag
From the meticulous geometric framing of Wes Anderson to the droll deadpan of Bill Murray, the influence of Buster Keaton’s comedy still ripples throughout popular culture. This video essay is part of the US filmmaker Tony Zhou’s Every Frame a Painting series, and it details how Keaton’s work helped to shape the visual language of film and on-screen comedy, dissecting just why his gags still amaze and amuse nearly a century after he first transformed motion pictures.
video  aeonmag  history  gag  humor  film 
june 2016 by dwight
The Late Benjamin Franklin
"The Late Benjamin Franklin" by Mark Twain is hilarious
story  history  marktwain  humor  dkl  benjaminfranklin  aphorisms 
june 2016 by dwight
Calvin's Mom lets him smoke
One of the greatest Calvin & Hobbes of all time
comic  dkl  humor  theodicy  parenting 
may 2016 by dwight
6 minutes in a Augmented Reality future
video  ar  vr  future  humor  scifi  dkl 
may 2016 by dwight
Philosophically Curious George and the Limits of Empiricism
Philosophically Curious George and the Limits of Empiricism by @existentialcoms
article  philosophy  humor  empericism  dkl  comic 
may 2016 by dwight
Introducing the Completely Mess-Proof Juicer That Will Change Your Life
"…the Juicero may soon be as ubiquitous as the Dyson vacuum or Nest thermostat."
article  humor  adventuresinmissingthepoint  dkl 
march 2016 by dwight
All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Woe
This resonates with my soul... #ha
comic  humor  fashion  dkl 
march 2016 by dwight
The best way to plant flowers: With a shotgun
I feel like there is a parable of the sower sermon illustration in here...
article  gardening  humor  cool  dkl  guns 
february 2016 by dwight
#GearBoggles: The horrifying new face of wearing a VR headset
Basically what I think of every time someone writes about how awesome collaborative VR gaming is going to be:
article  arstechnica  humor  vr  dkl 
december 2015 by dwight
Internet Confessional
A blog devoted to sharing initial thoughts on topics, and daily ramblings, First Thoughts speaks to the latest topics in religion and today’s society.
article  humor  internet  culture 
december 2015 by dwight
WATCH: Colbert Shows Why GOP Leaders Need to Welcome the Stranger
GOP leadership really doesn’t want refugees to come to the United States. And Stephen Colbert has a few things to say about that.
article  editorial  video  humor  politics  theology  stephencolbert 
november 2015 by dwight
Only Edward Snowden Can Save James Bond
<i>Spectre</i> makes the case that you can do more harm with total information than you can good, and that ubiquitous surveillance is an inevitably totalitarian tool.
article  theintercept  editorial  humor  surveillance  privacy  government  jamesbond  film 
november 2015 by dwight
The Four Horsemen of Gentrification.
Then I saw when the Landlord broke one of the rent-controlled seals. I heard one of the four living creatures saying as with a voice of thunder, “...
article  humor  culture  mcsweeneys 
november 2015 by dwight
The Zoo
Grant Snider goes to the zoo #ha
humor  comic  dkl  animals 
september 2015 by dwight
Stephen Colbert - Witness
Stephen Colbert interview on Witness (45 min video)
video  stephencolbert  theology  humor  dkl  politics 
september 2015 by dwight
This Neural Network's Hilariously Bad Image Descriptions Are Still Advanced AI
the singularity already happened and the ais are trying to keep us laughing at them
article  computervision  ai  gizmodo  humor  dkl 
september 2015 by dwight
The New Devil’s Dictionary
: 249 words for the end of the world
article  humor  culture 
august 2015 by dwight
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