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fleshers and intelligences
I'm not a great fan of Kevin Kelly's brand of futurism, but this is a great essay by him on the problems that arise when thinking about art...
article  thenewatlantis  ai  intelligence  editorial  technology 
may 2017 by dwight
The Disadvantages of Being Stupid
Odd article on the value of every person. I agree wth the dots, but not so much the lines connecting them.
education  history  dkl  intelligence  value  editorial  highereducation  iq  culture  article  theatlantic 
june 2016 by dwight
Superintelligence Now!
The village idiot & Einstein are practically the same level of intelligence; Trust us, we are as smart as Einstein
article  ai  intelligence  futurism  editorial  dkl 
october 2015 by dwight
The surprising downsides of being clever
Can a high IQ be a burden rather than a boon? David Robson investigates.
article  socialresearch  bbc  editorial  iq  wisdom  intelligence 
may 2015 by dwight
Big Data and the Rise of Augmented Intelligence:
Dr. Sean Gourley is the founder and CTO of Quid. He is a Physicist by training and has studied the mathematical patterns of war and terrorism. This research ...
video  ted  intelligence  augmentation  technology 
january 2015 by dwight

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