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The Story Behind the World's Most Complete Graphic Bible
A conversation with the Kingstone Comics editor who oversaw the massive effort to adapt sacred Scripture into comics form.
article  literature  bible  christianitytoday  comic 
march 2017 by dwight
How Rachel Carson Cost Millions of People Their Lives
Rachel Carson is, and should be, a revered environmental icon. But her crusade against one pesticide cost millions of people their lives.
article  history  literature  editorial  thedailybeast  ddt  malaria  government 
february 2017 by dwight
The guardian's headline is a little harsh if you ask me
original title: "Portrait of 'real' Mr Darcy unlikely to set 21st century hearts aflutter"
article  history  literature  dkl 
february 2017 by dwight
Dear Will Self, think-pieces are stories.
Original Title: Will Self: Are humans evolving beyond the need to tell stories?
Neuroscientists who insist technology is changing our brains may have it wrong. What if we are switching from books to digital entertainment because of a change in our need to communicate?
article  editorial  thinkpiece  neuroscience  literature  history  culture  technology  dkl 
november 2016 by dwight
On Reading Fairy Tales
Teaching men and women to lead cultural renewal by renewing the church through reading the Bible imaginatively, worship God faithfully, and engage the culture intelligently.
article  fairytales  literature  morality  theology  imagination 
november 2016 by dwight
The Little Way of Terry Pratchett
Makes me want to read some Terry Pratchett (via @leahlibresco)
dkl  leahlibresco  literature  theology  article  culture  editorial 
january 2016 by dwight
A New ‘Wrinkle in Time’
Madeleine L’Engle’s “A Wrinkle in Time” has sold 14 million copies since its publication in 1962. Now, a never-before-seen passage cut from an early draft is shedding light on the author’s political philosophy.
article  editorial  wsj  history  literature  * 
april 2015 by dwight
Wuthering Adoption: Emily Brontë, Christ’s Atonement and Adoption
Dr. Johnson discusses adoption in "Wuthering Heights" using theological categories. Adoption is a beautiful act, but is it an unconditional good?
article  adoption  love  literature  theology  atonement 
march 2015 by dwight
College, Poetry and Purpose
I reconnected with my Shakespeare professor to get her thoughts on the humanities and higher education today.
article  editorial  education  nytimes  literature  culture 
february 2015 by dwight
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