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AI can predict when someone will die with unsettling accuracy
Scientists trained an artificial intelligence (AI) system to evaluate health data and found that it could predict a person's early death.
article  ai  healthcare  research  statistics  nbcnews 
march 2019 by dwight
It’s Time for a New Discussion of Marijuana’s Risks
You may reasonably decide the benefits outweigh the harms, but you should know about those potential harms.
article  nytimes  marijuana  culture  statistics 
may 2018 by dwight
An Hour of Running May Add 7 Hours to Your Life
"Of course, the findings in this new review are associational, meaning that they prove that people who run tend also to be people who live longer, but not that running directly causes the increases in longevity."
article  nytimes  editorial  adventuresinmissingthepoint  statistics  research 
april 2017 by dwight
This one is a real blooper and I cannot let it pass by
I don’t usually “go after” news stories and headlines but this one is such a bad mistake, and it so affected my Twitter feed (I was swindled too), that it deserves comment (the pointer by the way comes from Alex, […]
article  tylercowen  politics  nytimes  statistics  highereducation 
march 2017 by dwight
The Differences and Similarities Between Machine Learning and Statistics
With the rise of interest in Machine Learning there are a couple of different perspectives out there around the similarities between it and Statistics. The
article  dkl  statistics  machinelearning  blog  technology 
december 2016 by dwight
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