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Watch This Glorious Footage Of The Sea Sparkling Neon Blue In Wales
The sea off the coast of Anglesea glowed blue in June 2018 thanks to bioluminescent plankton.
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5 weeks ago by dwight
Dalio’s animated adventure in common grace-infused wisdom
Ray Dalio is a fascinating character. Founder of the “world’s richest and strangest hedge fund,” he’s been dubbed the “Steve Jobs of investing” and “Wall Street’s oddest duc…
article  actoninstitute  wisdom  video  selfhelp 
may 2018 by dwight
'Smells Like Teen Spirit' played in a major chord turns Nirvana into a late 2000s pop punk band
A musician has remixed Nirvana's classic hit 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' in a major chord and the effect is...disturbing.
article  music  video  history  culture  humor 
january 2018 by dwight
Video is not Truth (2017)
I'm still not blown away by any of these results. They look pretty amazing, but I bet they fool people less often than you'd think.
video  epistemology  technology  gizmodo  dkl  editorial 
august 2017 by dwight
A New Stop-Motion Short Made Entirely by Tediously Cutting Through Wood
video  cool  wood  dkl 
june 2017 by dwight
Report: Oliver Stone Went on Anti-Israel Rant on Colbert’s Show That Didn’t Air
Oliver Stone went on an anti-Israel rant that did not make it to air during his panned appearance Monday on the CBS comedy program “The Late Show.”
article  editorial  putin  oliverstone  video 
june 2017 by dwight
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