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How to: Marketing Category Subscription in Sitecore 9.1
Customisation of Sitecore Forms to produce a similar output to the EXM preferences center
sitecore  exm  customisation 
2 days ago
uncss - npm
tree shaking utility for css
webdev  css 
7 days ago
Method Draw
Nice simple online graphics editor, very useful for changing colours on SVGs
editor  online  svg  graphics 
9 days ago
Mr Chocolate
Australian travel agency, specialises in Disneyland/Disneyworld
travel  disneyworld  disneyland  disney 
5 weeks ago
Amazon Best Sellers: Best Unlocked Cell Phones
Top unlocked mobile phones on amazon

Useful for webdev because it gives us an idea of what sort of mobile devices might be rendering our content.
reference  webdev 
10 weeks ago
RPC server/client based on protobuf interfaces
api  microservices  rpc 
11 weeks ago
New Year, New Job? Let's Make a Grid-Powered Resume! | CSS-Tricks
Playing with grid layouts, nice demo on how css grid works
cssgrid  css  howto 
12 weeks ago
C# Async Tips & Tricks
nice article with tips and tricks for async handling in c#
async  c# 
january 2020
Free for developers
List of tools that have a free tier
dev  free  list  tools 
december 2019
.NET Regex Tester - Regex Storm
nice online c#/.net regex tester
app  c#  dotnet  regex  tool 
november 2019
kblok/puppeteer-sharp: Headless Chrome .NET API
Can be used to create PDF documents from html files
pdf  c#  generator  node  nodejs 
october 2019
only for github at the moment.
code  documentation  walkthrough 
september 2019
Introduction - Mithril.js
Mithril is a modern client-side JavaScript framework for building Single Page Applications. It's small (< 10kb gzip), fast and provides routing and XHR utilities out of the box.
framework  javascript  js  webdev  spa-application 
september 2019
Inter font family
Readable screen font sans-serif
font  typeface  opensource 
august 2019
René Bieder / Magnat
Lovely typeface/font, looks good in both text and heading usages.
font  typeface  contrasting-sans 
july 2019
nystudio107 | The CSS background-image property as an anti-pattern
Using <picture> instead of background-image css and reasons why
accessibility  css  images  webdev 
july 2019
You (probably) don’t need ReCAPTCHA |
Interesting idea on alternatives to google's recaptcha
spam  spam-protection 
june 2019
SoftEther VPN Project - SoftEther VPN Project
Opensource VPN Server/Client software
- mac, linux, windows, ios, android
networking  opensource  server  software  vpn 
june 2019
Use Extension Themes in the Sitecore Experience Accelerator
Article on using extension themes within Sitecore SXA
sitecore  sxa  theme  theming  howto 
june 2019
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