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Colour palette generator, plug in one colour to generate a full set of colours
css  design  generator  tools  colour 
april 2019 by dwntrdr
Automatically calculate brightness of a background to determine to show a light/dark variant colour.
colour  colours  scss  webdev 
march 2019 by dwntrdr
Great little colour variations picker
colour  webdesign  tools  color  colors  web  css  colorpicker  design 
march 2013 by dwntrdr
Tip: Prompt magic
How to change the prompt in bash and the different options that can be used.
bash  prompt  reference  mac  osx  article  terminal  colour  unix 
september 2009 by dwntrdr
Cheatsheets for all popular languages etc
cheatsheet  shopping  webdev  webdesign  reference  php  css  colour  mysql 
september 2009 by dwntrdr
Welcome to Aviary
Image editors and tools, including a colour palette generator, effects generator, vector editor and pixel editor
photography  photoshop  software  colour  tools  vector  editing 
june 2009 by dwntrdr
Colour links
Colour links from a blog
colour  css  webdev  webdesign 
may 2008 by dwntrdr
Color Wheel - ver 2.0.1
A flash colour wheel for website colour design. simple interface
colour  reference  webdesign 
april 2006 by dwntrdr

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