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Newton's rings - Wikipedia
Optical phenomenon by which the image or projection reveals reflections of lens surfaces
optics  Photography  art 
8 days ago by dynamo
Blake Fall-Conroy Art
Minimum Wage Machine
(2008-2010, updated 2012, and 2016)
Custom electronics, change sorter, wood, plexiglas, motor, misc. hardware, pennies.
(approx. 15 x 19 x 72 inches)

The minimum wage machine allows anybody to work for minimum wage. For as long as they turn the crank, the user is paid in pennies as time passes. For example, if minimum wage is $7.25/hour (the current US Federal rate), then the worker is paid one penny every 4.97 seconds. If they stop turning the crank, they stop receiving money. The machine's mechanism and electronics are powered by the hand crank, and pennies are stored in a plexiglas box. The MWM is reprogrammed as minimum wage changes, or for wages in different locations.
art  sociology  psychology  Politics  conceptualart 
4 weeks ago by dynamo
FF Offline | Webfont & Desktop font | MyFonts
Used (always?) by Lawrence Weiner

FF Offline Font: Dutch type designer Roelof Mulder created this display FontFont in 1996.
The family has 5 weights, ranging from Light to Bold and is ...
typography  art  conceptualart 
may 2019 by dynamo
BLACK 2.0 - The world’s mattest, flattest, black art material – Culture Hustle
It has been developed in close collaboration with thousands of artists from all over the world. Their amazing insight, support and inspiration has formed this unique super-black paint for the benefit of all artists*
vantablack flat black pigments Kapoor
art  shopping  painting 
july 2017 by dynamo
Travel Blogger Discovers Woman Making Exact Instagram Replicas
It’s always flattering to find out that someone is a big fan of your work.
However, Lauren Bullen, the travel blogger behind the wanderlust Instagram account Gypsea Lust, recently came across an admirer who’s on a mission to follow in her footsteps.
Yep, Bullen was pretty shocked, not to mention super creeped out, when she stumbled upon an Instagram account, @diana_alexa, that featured a woman who travels the world to recreate the blogger’s Instagram photos.
Shortly after she made the disturbing discovery, Bullen wrote a post on her blog, Gypsea Lust, fittingly titled “Imitation Is The Best Form Of Flattery,” that calls out the woman who travels the world making exact copies of her Instagrams.
art  copycat  travel  Photography 
january 2017 by dynamo
Ecce homo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This article is about the biblical phrase and the subject in art. For other uses, see Ecce homo (disambiguation).
Ecce homo ("behold the man", Ecclesiastical Latin: [ˈɛttʃɛ ˈɔmɔ], Classical Latin: [ˈɛkkɛ ˈhɔmoː]) are the Latin words used by Pontius Pilate in the Vulgate translation of John 19:5, when he presents a scourged Jesus Christ, bound and crowned with thorns, to a hostile crowd shortly before his Crucifixion. The original Greek is Ίδε ό άνθρωπος (Ide ho anthropos). The Douay-Rheims Bible translates the phrase into English as "Behold the man!"[John 19:5] The scene has been widely depicted in Christian art.
lexicon  history  art  tropes 
august 2016 by dynamo
Art and photography - Arts, literature and performance | British Library - Sounds
Art & photography
Number of items in collection: 2395
British Library media collection
art  Photography  uk  collection  recording 
january 2016 by dynamo
Colonies | Vik Muniz And Tal Danino Turn Living Cells Into Art | The Creators Project
The last thing Brazilian multidisciplinary artist Vik Muniz imagined upon meeting MIT postdoctoral fellow, and self-described "bacteria enthusiast" Tal Danino, was that the process of art creation would begin right then and there. 

Months later, from healthy cheek cells to cancer cells, Danino and Muniz were creating image after image of biogenerated beauty. Muniz, the 52-year-old artist responsible for using focused ion beam technology to etch sandcastles onto single grains of sand, explains: "I always love to collaborate with scientists because it gives me an idea that we can perhaps meet in the middle somewhere and make this perfect piece of art that's exactly this combination between matter and meaning. Colonies is a collaboration between a scientist and an artist, trying to make pictures out of living things— tiny, tiny living things." Crossing as many disciplines as the project did boundaries for both the artist and the scientist, it was an experiment wherein the rigid scientific method was complemented by the fluidity of the artistic process, and vice versa. 
art  science  biology 
june 2015 by dynamo
NY Mag art critic Jerry Saltz says ‘Auctions Are a Nasty Piece of Work’
"Art and money never touch. They exist in parallel universes of value at comparable levels of cultural generalization: Art does nothing to money but translate it. Money does nothing to art but facilitate its dissemination and buy the occasional bowl of Wheaties for an artist or art dealer. Thus, when you trade a piece of green paper with a picture on it. signed by a bureaucrat, for a piece of white paper with a picture on it, signed by an artist, you haven’t bought anything, since neither piece of paper is worth anything. You have translated your investment and your faith from one universe of value to another."

-- Dave Hickey
art  quote  ***** 
may 2015 by dynamo
So Long
I consider this leave from the art world as a lifeline. I saw my career flash before my eyes, a looping treadmill through an animatronic hell where robot choirs sing the same praises of blue chip artists and hollow prefab trends. I’ve watched an art dealer praise a mirrored Damien Hirst sculpture for its reflective quality; I’ve watched collectors in Miami contemplate buying a multi-million dollar artwork, because “that would go with the one in the foyer”; I’ve watched galleries stock up on safe painting, zombie abstraction, and bland conceptualism all calling back to the same Modernist touchstones. And if an art writer wants to eat, this is the world you’ll be covering for your for-profit collector-driven art magazine.
art  blog 
february 2015 by dynamo
Walking on the beach imitating sand - Exhibition
Hus Gallery is pleased to announce a new site-specific exhibition by artists Virgile Ittah and Kai Yoda. For this show, “Walking on the beach imitating sand”, Ittah and Yoda have transformed the gallery into a fully immersive, sensory environment. In their second full-scale collaboration together, the artists continue to explore notions of identity, isolation and nostalgia in relation to their shared feeling of otherness born from their respective identities as migrant nationals. Ittah was born in France and is of Jewish North African descent – both her father and grandmother were born in Morocco – while Yoda was born in Tokyo to a Japanese father and a Swedish mother. Ittah and Yoda’s parallel histories of social and geographical migration has resulted in a mutual feeling of constant flux, a feeling of falling between national and cultural identities without the ability to claim allegiance to any one thing. Thus, “Walking on the beach imitating sand” is their creation of a new homeland, a homeland that can be packed up and carried with you because it is a mood and an atmosphere rather than a physical local. It combats the issue of the ‘impossibility of return’ to one’s native land because it does not require a shared language or culture, rather this homeland adapts to the individual narratives and experiences of whoever chooses to visit.   
friend  art  london 
december 2014 by dynamo
Langage sonore, diff 1995,
Realisation : Bertrand Merino-Peris,
Assistant réal : Didier Montebello,
Montage : Patrick Kurtz,
Documentation: Christine Loiseau / XY ZEbre,
Chef operateur : Nicolas Sourdey,
Directeur de prod : Hortense Quitard,
Prod déléguée : Nova Prod / Andrew Orr,
Prod : Canal + / Nova Prod.
Real cyclonesque : Jerome Lefdup / Vincent Hachet,
Presentation : Marc Andreoni,
Chef opérateur : Nicolas Sourdey,
Assistant : Jerome Mignard,
Monteur truquiste : Olivier Gajan,
Chargé de prod : Christine Escudié,
Assistant réal : Charlie Labriet.
video  art  france  tv  ***** 
november 2014 by dynamo
place | Representing Place
selection of art projects dealing with place and its representation.
miranda july, do ho suh, roger fenton, olafur eliasson
art  place  architecture 
august 2014 by dynamo
Oscar Wilde on popular art - Wikiquote
The public has always, and in every age, been badly brought up. They are continually asking Art to be popular, to please their want of taste, to flatter their absurd vanity, to tell them what they have been told before, to show them what they ought to be tired of seeing, to amuse them when they feel heavy after eating too much, and to distract their thoughts when they are wearied of their own stupidity. Now Art should never try to be popular. The public should try to make itself artistic. There is a very wide difference.
(The Soul of Man Under Socialism, 1895)
quote  judgement  art 
july 2014 by dynamo
Dia Art Foundation Mobile - Exhibitions
Zoe Leonard presents a new work comprising several thousand vintage postcards of Niagara Falls, dating from the early 1900s to the 1950s. Rendered stereotypical and generic through repetition over decades, these landscape motifs are emblematic of mass culture’s transformation of natural sites into tourist destinations. 
art  postcards  museum  nyc 
march 2014 by dynamo
Allan Kaprow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Allan Kaprow (August 23, 1927 – April 5, 2006) was an American painter, assemblagist and a pioneer in establishing the concepts of performance art. He helped to develop the "Environment" and "Happening" in the late 1950s and 1960s, as well as their theory. His Happenings - some 200 of them - evolved over the years. Eventually Kaprow shifted his practice into what he called "Activities", intimately scaled pieces for one or several players, devoted to the study of normal human activity in a way congruent to ordinary life. Fluxus, Performance art, and Installation art was, in turn, influenced by his work.
performance  art  ucsd  nyu 
march 2014 by dynamo
Little Paper Planes - An online store bringing together a community of artists
Building connections and conversations between artists, collectors, and designers.
Est. 2004
art  shopping 
february 2014 by dynamo
The Age of Collage. Contemporary Collage in Modern Art - we make money not art
Publisher Gestalten writes: The Age of Collage is a striking documentation of today's continued appetite for destructive construction. Showcasing outstanding current artwork and artists, the book also takes an insightful behind-the-scenes look at those working with this interdisciplinary and cross-media approach.

The collages featured in this book are influenced by illustration, painting, and photography and play with elements of abstraction, constructivism, surrealism, and dada. Referencing scientific images, pop culture, and erotica, they reflect humanity's collective visual memory and context.

Through confident cuts, brushstrokes, mouse clicks, or pasting, the work in The Age of Collage gives the impossible a tangible form. It expands the possibilities of the genre while turning our worldview on its head along the way.
art  book  COLLAGE 
january 2014 by dynamo
Reuben Margolin :: Waves
artist kinetic sculptures waves mechanics
art  kinetic  fluid 
january 2014 by dynamo
DAILY SERVING » Janet Cardiff: The Forty Part Motet at The Cloisters
For the 11-minute score, Cardiff reworked the Tudor-era composition Spem in Alium Nunquam Habui (In No Other Is My Hope) (1573) by Thomas Tallis. The piece, originally intended for recital in churches and cathedrals, logically suits the religious iconography of The Cloisters, while also mirroring the compound’s collaged nature. Constructed in reference to no singular structure, the Cloisters function as an ensemble of many historical precedents. In the Fuentidueña Chapel, Catalan frescos of the Virgin and Child as well as the Adoration of the Magi cover the walls, and a life-size wooden crucifix hangs at the foot of the 12-century apse. The installation of The Forty Part Motet bridges both centuries and geographic borders.
art  audio  music 
november 2013 by dynamo
Banksy sells original works worth a fortune for £38 each in New York booth | Art and design |
British street artist Banksy is no stranger to being in demand with just one of his pieces fetching up to hundreds of thousands of pounds. But it was a different story for the artist, currently in New York on a residency, when he set up a pop-up booth in Central Park on Saturday.

Writing on his website he said: "Yesterday I set up a stall in the park selling 100% authentic original signed Banksy canvases. For $60 [£38] each."
Accompanying these brief words, the elusive artist also released a two-and-a-half minute video showing an elderly man selling what appears to be imitations of his work from a market stall but are in fact genuine Banksy canvases. While the day's takings were only $420 (£263), the valuation of the small to medium-sized canvases that were sold is estimated to be in the region of £140,000.

It's the latest publicity stunt from Banksy, who likes nothing more than stirring up the art world. His 'live' exhibition entitled Better Out Than In: An Artist Residency on the Streets of New York has him creating a new piece of work every day. So far Banksy has produced more than a dozen art pieces and 'events' in New York, including a cattle truck full of shrieking soft toys that was driven around the city.
art  coup  stencil  gallery 
october 2013 by dynamo
Ana Mendieta: death of an artist foretold in blood
Until recently, the question asked by those feminist protesters might have been amended to "Who is Ana Mendieta?", so unknown was her art outside the rarefied world of feminist art criticism. But, as the recent big show of her work at the Whitney Museum in New York and the imminent retrospective at the Hayward gallery in London attests, Mendieta is undergoing a reappraisal as a pioneering artist whose work, as the Hayward's artistic director, Ralph Rugoff, notes "ranged nomadically across practices associated with body art, land art, performance, sculpture, photography and film".
Cuban-born and American-raised, Mendieta described her work as "earth-body" art. From 1971, when she had her first solo show while an MA student at the University of Iowa, until her death, she created a diverse collection of work that included silhouettes of her body created in mud, earth, rocks, wild flowers and leaves, performance pieces that evoked the folk and occult traditions of her native Cuba as well as her beloved Mexico and subversive self-portraits that played with notions of beauty, belonging and gender. In her performance pieces, where she sometimes used blood "as a very, powerful magical thing", she evoked the power of female sexuality as well as the horror of male sexual violence. In her photographic self-portraits, she pressed her face against glass to distort her features or pictured herself dripping in blood or disguised as a man with glued-on facial hair.
art  performance  artist 
october 2013 by dynamo
Linder - MaM -
The Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris presents the first retrospective exhibition of the work of British artist Linder. Comprised of some 200 works drawn from four decades of practice, this exhibition offers a comprehensive survey of the depth and diversity of Linder's practice. Whilst focusing on her artistic output, this exhibition expands to embrace the breadth of Linder's creative spirit and collaborative energy in the fields of art, fashion, music, and dance.
art  paris  museum  COLLAGE 
september 2013 by dynamo
Episode 297: Jason Lazarus : Bad at Sports
This week: One of our favorite artists, Jason Lazarus is a slightly odd interview where we talk in a cave surrounded by SAIC students
// "too hard to keep" project…
podcast  art  interview 
june 2013 by dynamo
Episode 220: Liam Gillick : Bad at Sports
His work joins that of generational peers such as Rirkrit Tiravanija and Philippe Parreno in defining what critic Nicholas Bourriaud described as “relational aesthetics,” an approach that emphasizes the shifting social role and function of art at the turn of the millennium. Gillick’s work has had a profound impact on a contemporary understanding of how art and architecture influence, and are themselves influenced by, interpersonal communication and interactions in the public sphere.
art  badatsports  podcast  interview  yba  ***** 
june 2013 by dynamo
Picasso's Portrait of Gertrude Stein -
In 1905, Picasso asked her to sit for a portrait, and the results (not Cubist, but representational) were dark, brooding, and strange. Picasso famously said, "Everybody says that she does not look like it but that does not make any difference, she will," which was quoted by Stein in The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas. Stein said later, "I was and still am satisfied with my portrait, for me it is I, and it is the only reproduction of me which is always I, for me." The completion of the portrait marks the beginning of Stein’s interest in portraiture and "resemblance," concepts that would come to influence her writing nearly as much as Picasso’s Cubist philosophies.
quote  painting  art 
june 2013 by dynamo
Paris Photo LA - Monocle Film / Culture
We head to Hollywood to shoot the world's most celebrated photographic art fair, this year taking place for the first time at Paramount Pictures Studios in LA.
art  photo  la  parisphoto  fair 
may 2013 by dynamo
everything but me and you (2005) - Richard T Walker (excert)
everything but me and you (2005) - Richard T Walker
videoart  art 
may 2013 by dynamo
Hank Willis Thomas – Parsons Lecture Series – Excerpt 2 of 2 on Vimeo
On March 12, 2013, Aperture Foundation, in collaboration with the School of Art, Media, and Technology at Parsons the New School for Design, was pleased to present an artist talk with Hank Willis Thomas, a photo-conceptual artist working with themes related to identity, history, and popular culture. Appropriation and juxtaposition are two of many strategies with which Thomas orchestrates his interdisciplinary practice. In this video excerpt, Thomas discusses his series Unbranded (2008) which uses advertisements lifted from the pages African-American interest magazines; Thomas subtly reworks them, removing key text, logos, and/or products. The skeletal remains betray immediately the subliminal prejudice common throughout consumer culture.
art  photo  Talk  advertising  copyright  blacksploitation 
april 2013 by dynamo
Ursus Wehrli’s Neat and Tidy World -
Mr. Wehrli’s first two picture books, “Tidying Up Art” and its sequel, “Tidying Up More Art,” present a simple but satisfying sight gag, over and over again, in which he “tidies up” modern masters like Klee and Picasso, Pollock and Haring in a series of “before” and “after” photos. In the “afters,” Mr. Wehrli deconstructs a painting’s components (body parts, say, in a Picasso, or squares in a Klee) and then stacks them in neat, color-specific rows.
art  Photography  humor 
march 2013 by dynamo
Inside Outside: A History of the Artist Placement Group on Vimeo
Amidst the social upheaval of late-1960s Britain, artists Barbara Steveni and John Latham founded the Artist Placement Group (APG). The group sought an end to the traditional separation of art from life, uniting artists and industry on fresh terms.
Laurie Yule
art  experimental  uk  industry 
march 2013 by dynamo
tania bruguera | L’accord de Marseille [The Marseille Agreement]
L' accord de Marseille [The Marseilles Agreement] is a work made in collaboration by artists Tania Bruguera and Jota Castro, who have signed a notarial agreement establishing that when one of them dies, the survivor will make a performance with the dead body of the deceased. The piece may exist in several forms: a legal contract, a public presentation with a question and answer period and the future performance as the result of the collaboration.
art  performance  legal 
february 2013 by dynamo
Walnut and Iron Hammer | Michael James Moran Woodworked Furniture
Walnut and Iron Hammer - Black Walnut, Cast Iron
Hand tools, both as implements of work and as symbols of a trade, are deeply entrenched in the physical and psychological construction of our history. Their place in our past is secure; however, their future appears less certain. Will these tools become curiosities of our collective past?
Utility -as a body of sculpture-  is a depiction of objects designed for function alone. The reversal of materials, while rendering their function, is an exploration of the meaning of those materials and their literal strengths and weaknesses.
From carving each head to sand-casting each handle, this series is an homage to hand tools, their construction and function. // Each piece is 1:1 rendering of the respective tool.
art  tool 
february 2013 by dynamo
Wavelength – Ravelength from Raven Row at Resonance FM Podcasts
Wavelength – Ravelength from Raven Row

Dieter Roth: Die R adio Sonate, The R adio Sonata. The original LP was published in 1978 by Lebeer-Hossmann, Brussels and Hamburg and edition Hansjorg Mayer in a signed edition of 300. In 1995 Diter Roth produced a signed and numbered CD edition of 100 which vanished in mysterious circumstances. For this he rewrote two texts added a few words and fitted them to the CD format.

source: Resonance FM Podcasts » Art Monthly Monthly
ifttt  googlereader  Resonance  FM  Podcasts  »  Art  Monthly 
february 2013 by dynamo
this is tomorrow - Christian Boltanski: Personnes
Artist : Christian Boltanski
Title : Personnes
[…] Conceived as a work in sound and vision, Personnes takes up a new theme in Boltanski's work, building on his earlier explorations of the limits of human existence and the vital dimension of memory : the question of fate, and the ineluctability of death. Personnes transforms the entire Nave of the Grand Palais through the creation of a coherent, intensely moving installation conceived as a gigantic animated tableau. Personnes is a one-off, ephemeral work. In accordance with the artist's wishes, the components of the piece will all be recycled at the end of the exhibition.
Christian Boltanksi's work is accessible, challenging, and moving. In the Nave of the Grand Palais visitors leave behind the conventional experience of art in a gallery or museum and enter bodily into the installation, becoming a part of the living dramatisation of art and memory. For Boltanski, an artist is "someone who shows the viewer something he already knows deep down, something that's already there inside, something he can bring to the forefront of his consciousness." MONUMENTA 2010 is a theatre of recall, questioning the meaning of human destiny and asserting the right of every individual to a place in the collective memory. […]
art  paris 
january 2013 by dynamo
Oral history interview with John Baldessari, 1992 Apr. 4-5 - Oral Histories | Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution
An interview of John Baldessari conducted 1992 Apr. 4-5, by Christopher Knight, for the Archives of American Art
art  people  Interviews 
january 2013 by dynamo
Hand Painted Oil Painting Portrait|Turn Photo To Oil Painting|Photo Restoration Edit Repair Retouch|customized Commission Painting|温钦画廊 is China leading website direct selling studio in turning photo into customized hand painted oil paintings, turning photograph into sculptures, original oil paintings, oil paintings reproductions and photo services for competitive prices.
[photo to painting]
art  painting  service 
december 2012 by dynamo
Jeremy Deller's bouncy castle softens the image of Stonehenge | Art and design |
Jeremy Deller's bouncy-castle Stonehenge, entitled Sacrilege, which is in London this week on its national Olympic tour, is the latest in a long line of artistic images of Britain's most famous ancient monument. That's not surprising in itself. What is interesting is how changing portrayals of Stonehenge have revealed contrasting moments in cultural history.
art  news  humour 
november 2012 by dynamo
The Photographs of Ray Metzker and the Institute of Design - Art Talk on KCRW
The Photographs of Ray Metzker and the Institute of Design

Hunter Drohojowska-Philp discusses the influence of the Institute of Design's Harry Callahan, Aaron Siskind and Ray Metzker. (Special time: 5:50pm)

source: KCRW's Art Talk
ifttt  googlereader  KCRW's  Art  Talk 
october 2012 by dynamo
Gavin Turk | Trash
Edition of 8
Painted bronze
42 x 47 x 51 cms

A bronze cast of a full black bin bag, painted to look real.

A bag full of discarded products, unrecycled organic matter thrown in with the by-products of our wasteful consumerist lifestyles. This rubbish is encapsulated in the formal roundness of this classic trompe l’œuil artwork. We are defined by what we throw away and conversely we are deconstructed by what we choose to display in our hallowed museum halls.
art  sculpture  yba 
october 2012 by dynamo
Art 101: How to Pronounce Artists' Names | Art for Sale | Artspace
if you say your favorite painter is Jean Dominique Ingres and pronounce it "Ing-gres" instead of "Aang," you're sure to be met with icy silence. No one wants that. To ensure you avoid such embarrassments, consult our handy guide to pronouncing some of the thorniest artist names out there.
namedropping, pronounciations, fun
october 2012 by dynamo
Episode 221: Heartland : Bad at Sports
Project Background
In 2007 and 2008, the Heartland curators, eschewing traditional research methods, set out on a series of old-fashioned road trips through the vast center of the United States. These research trips informed two distinct exhibitions. The first presentation, which opened in October 2008 at the Van Abbemuseum in the Netherlands, sought to uncover new ways of thinking about the American interior during the U.S. presidential election and gave European audiences access to a broad survey of the Heartland’s culture, art, and music. The second, reconceived presentation at the Smart Museum, offers U.S. audiences a more focused look at the ideals of resourcefulness and invention that permeate the Heartland. Together, the two presentations offer a richly layered reading of a region that has too often been overlooked.
The exhibition is co-organized by the Smart Museum of Art and the Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The Van Abbemuseum’s presentation of Heartland took place from October 3, 2008 to February 8, 2009. In Eindhoven, the project consisted of a group exhibition in the Van Abbemuseum together with a musical program in the Muziekcentrum Frits Philips.
.db does locale matter?
art  badatsports  podcast 
september 2012 by dynamo
MoMA | The Collection | Max Pechstein. The Lord's Prayer (Das Vater Unser). 1921
Max Pechstein (German, 1881–1955)
The Portfolio
The Lord's Prayer (Das Vater Unser)
1921. Portfolio of twelve woodcuts and one woodcut cover, composition (each approx.): 15 5/8 x 11 5/8" (39.7 x 29.6 cm); sheet (each approx.): 21 7/16 x 16 1/4" (54.5 x 41.3 cm). Paper: Cream, slightly textured, wove. Publisher: Propyläen-Verlag, Berlin. Printer: Fritz Voigt, Berlin. Edition: Portfolio: 250 in two editions: A) 50 numbered 1-50 on the colophon page and housed in a leather portfolio cover, each print signed, and hand-colored under the artist's supervision; b) 200 numbered 51-250 on the colophon page and housed in a quarter linen portfolio cover, each print signed [this ex. never signed or numbered]. Transferred from the Museum Library. © 2012 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn
art  printmaking  inspiration 
august 2012 by dynamo
MoMA | The Collection | George Grosz. The Poet Max Herrmann-Neisse. 1927
The Poet Max Herrmann-Neisse
George Grosz (American, 1893–1959. Born and died in Germany)

1927. Oil on canvas, 23 3/8 x 29 1/8" (59.4 x 74 cm). Purchase. © 2012 Estate of George Grosz/Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY
art  painting  inspiration 
august 2012 by dynamo
Abelardo Morell - Photography
pinhole in rooms (amongst others)
art  photographer 
june 2012 by dynamo
Works: Swimming Pool(1999) - Leandro Erlich
The 21 st. Century Musseum of Art of Kanazawa
Permanent Collection (2004)
art  people  concept 
may 2012 by dynamo
Cranbrook Academy of Art, Artist-in-Residence: Liz Cohen
She is best known for her recent subversive project, "Bodywork," in which she transformed an East German 1987 Trabant automobile into a 1973 Chevrolet El Camino. She has won numerous awards and grants including: a Studio Residency from The MacDowell Colony in 2001; a Studio Fellowship in 2002 from the Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany; a Creative Capital Foundation Project Grant in 2005; an Artist’s Project Grant from the Arizona Commission for the Arts in 2007; a 2008 Traveling Scholars’ Award from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston; and a Kresge Artist Fellowship in 2011.
trabant + grand torino + pneumatics
art  people  car 
may 2012 by dynamo
Suminagashi/Paper marbling - Wikipedia
Turkish ebru and Japanese suminagashi do not require mordanting). The colors are thereby transferred and adhered to the surface of the paper or material. The paper or material is then carefully lifted off the size, and hung up to dry. Some marblers gently drag the paper over a rod to draw off the excess size. If necessary, excess bleeding colors and sizing can be rinsed off, and then the paper or fabric is allowed to dry. After the print is made, any color residues remaining on the size are carefully skimmed off of the surface, in order to clear it before starting a new pattern.
art  lexicon  printmaking 
april 2012 by dynamo
Unconditional Surrender (sculpture) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Unconditional Surrender is a series of sculptures by Seward Johnson resembling a photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt, V–J day in Times Square, but said by Johnson to be based on a similar, less well known, photograph by Victor Jorgensen.[1]
war  photo  art  controversy 
april 2012 by dynamo
X-TRA is a quarterly art journal published in Los Angeles since 1997. The editorial board is composed of Los Angeles-based artists and writers. X-TRA provides an outlet for projects related to contemporary visual arts. We publish diverse critical approaches including expansive features, historical essays, commissioned artist's projects, interviews, and substantive exhibition and book reviews.
art  magazine  LA  zine 
april 2012 by dynamo
Trust Falls « Jesse McLean
In the video Trust Falls, the subject stares outward, becoming another viewer. This viewer leans back, falling into a cinematic void and trusting that outside, there is another viewer waiting to catch their image.
april 2012 by dynamo
Penelope Umbrico - Suns
This is a project I started when I found 541,795 pictures of sunsets searching the word “sunset” on the image hosting website, Flickr. I cropped just the suns from these pictures and uploaded them to Kodak, making 4" x 6" machine prints from them.
art  samples  cc 
april 2012 by dynamo
Installed in various venues throughout the U.S., critic Lori Waxman receives artists in need of reviews. Reviews are scheduled and written in twenty minute increments between the announced hours only. Reviews are signed, published, and ready for pick-up within the time frame of the performance. Artist, artwork, critic, and review all exist in the same space simultaneously.

Reviews are free of charge, but are not guaranteed to contain positive responses to the work submitted. Critics are not meant to be cheerleaders or educators or advertisers; they are opinionated, thoughtful, informed commentators. Or so they try.

The 60 wrd/min art critic is funded by a Warhol Foundation | Creative Capital Arts Writers Grant
art  performance  critique 
april 2012 by dynamo
Episode 276: Hubert Neumann : Bad at Sports
Tom, Amanda, and Duncan talk to super collector Hubert Neumann. He’s candid, he doesn’t mince words and he knows a ton of stuff, don’t miss it.
Also, Richard thinks that the Smithsonian and National Portrait Gallery are striving to redefine “spineless cowards” in their role in the museum word. Great job guys, I look forward to seeing what a Fox News curated museum looks like!
podcast  art  like 
april 2012 by dynamo
Episode 241: Jeffrey Deitch interviewed by Carlo McCormick : Bad at Sports
Carlo McCormick is a leading New York art writer and a champion of “the downtown scene”. For almost decades Jeffrey Deitch has been perhaps the most important taste maker and facilitator of emerging contemporary art in New York City and the world. On the eve of Deitch’s departure from New York, Carlo will talk to Jeffrey about his time and legacy as one of the most visible, dynamic and controversial players in the the New York art world.
podcast  art  like 
april 2012 by dynamo
Episode 130: Stephanie Smith-Adaptation : Bad at Sports
Stephanie Smith, the Director of Collections and Exhibitions and Curator of Contemporary Art at the Smart Museum in Chicago about the current exhibition Adaptation: Video Installations by Ben-Ner, Herrera, Sullivan, and Sussman & The Rufus Corporation.
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april 2012 by dynamo
Episode 344: Kota Ezawa : Bad at Sports
This week: San Francisco brings another great guest to the table! Kota Ezawa, video archaeologist.
Ezawa’s work has been shown in solo exhibitions at the Hayward Gallery in London, Artpace in San Antonio, The Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, Murray Guy Gallery in New York and Haines Gallery in San Francisco. He participated in exhibitions at Museum of Modern Art in New York, Whitney Museum of American Art, SF MOMA, Andy Warhol Museum and Musee d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. His animations were included in the 2005 Shanghai Biennale and will be presented in the upcoming Sao Paulo Biennial. He received a Tiffany Foundation Award in 2003 and the SECA Art Award in 2006. Ezawa is Assistant Professor of Media Arts at the California College of the Arts.
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Genuine Gold Leaf
When selecting Gold Leaf, it is best to gauge the type of leaf needed by the project at hand. 22 and 23 karat gold do not tarnish, so they do not need a sealer that interferes with the rich lustre of the gold. For interior, decorative and fine art projects 22 karat gold is sufficient. On exterior projects 23 karat is ideal, because when applied correctly and left unsealed a gilded surface can last for decades. For gold with a lower karat count an oil-based sealer is recommended, so that no tarnishing can commence during the varnishing process. Gold leaf is sold in books of 25 leaves meausing 3 3/8 x 3 3/8 sq. One book of gold covers approximately 1.98 sq.ft.
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KYOPO Project - Korean diaspora
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ArtCat - NYC
ArtCat's primary focus is underknown galleries and artists.
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ArtCat - About
ArtCat's primary focus is underknown galleries and artists.
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georges Rousse - informations - biography
Georges Rousse is unmistakably a photographer: his photographs are intrinsic to revealing his images, and deciding the composition, cropping and lighting and clicking the shutter are all essential to his process. But he is simultaneously a painter, sculptor, and architect, carrying out the same relationship to his worksites as a painter to his canvas, or a sculptor to his clay or marble.
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january 2012 by dynamo
Tiffany Trenda is a video installation performance artist based out of Malibu, CA. She received her BFA from Art Center College of Design and her MFA from UCLA Design and Media Arts.
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january 2012 by dynamo
Tiffany Trenda is a video installation performance artist based out of Malibu, CA. She received her BFA from Art Center College of Design and her MFA from UCLA Design and Media Arts.
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Marina Abramović Made Me Cry
Portraits taken during the MoMA's exhibit of performance artist "Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present".

Abramović sits at a table in silence, and museum guests can sit across from her and stare.

Some people couldn't handle the heat.
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Stippling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Stippling is the creation of a pattern simulating varying degrees of solidity or shading by using small dots. Such a pattern may occur in nature and these effects are frequently emulated by artists.
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december 2011 by dynamo
Dennis Oppenheim, Device To Root Out Evil, 1997,
Device To Root Out Evil - 1997
20’ H x 10' W x 12' D
Galvanized steel, perforated metal, Venetian glass.
A country church is seen balancing on it’s steeple, as if it had been lifted by a terrific force and brought to the site as a device or method of rooting out evil forces.
Collection: The Denver Art Museum, Denver, Colorado
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november 2011 by dynamo
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