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Commento: A fast, privacy-focused commenting platform
Embed comments in your website to foster discussion and increase engagement.
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4 hours ago
Kandalló Kézműves Pub - Gaststätte in Zsidónegyed
Lies 150 Tipps und Bewertungen von 3919 Besucher zum Thema trendy, lebhaft und gruppen willkommen. "Guter Burger und spitzen Craftbeer-Auswahl."
9 hours ago
Boutiq'Bar - Budapest VI. kerülete - 126 Tipps
Sieh dir 252 Fotos von 2400 Besucher zum Thema trendy, lebhaft und gemütlich an. "Super Cocktails und alles nach Wunsch bestellbar! Sehr zu empfehlen."
9 hours ago
Verein in der Insolvenz: Das sollten Sie als Vorstand eines Vereins oder Vereinsmitglied beachten | KRAUS GHENDLER RUVINSKIJ
Verein in der Insolvenz - Selbstständigkeit fortführen ✓ Restschuldbefreiung in 3, 5 oder 6 Jahren ✓ Pfändungsschutz ✓ ☎ kostenfrei ➤Hier informieren!
Haftung Verein: Mitglieder und Vereinsvorstand | Recht | Haufe
Wann und unter welchen Voraussetzungen können die Mitglieder eines Vereins überhaupt zur Haftung herangezogen werden? Die Frage ist von hoher praktischer Bedeutung, betrifft sie doch in Deutschland Millionen von Mitgliedern in den zahlreichen deutschen Vereinen und Verbänden. Sind die Mitglieder eines e.V. quasi ...
cjs/symantec-vip-otp-generator: FOSS-variant of Symantec's VeriSign Identity Protection to generate compliant TOTP otpauth:// URIs
FOSS-variant of Symantec's VeriSign Identity Protection to generate compliant TOTP otpauth:// URIs - cjs/symantec-vip-otp-generator
paypal  2fa  symantec  cli  security  otp 
cyrozap/python-vipaccess: A free software implementation of Symantec's VIP Access application and protocol
A free software implementation of Symantec's VIP Access application and protocol - cyrozap/python-vipaccess
paypal  2fa  symantec  cli  security  otp 
Blokada - the best ad blocker for Android, free and open source
The best ad blocker for Android that works for all apps and does not require root. Free and open source.
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4 days ago
Der Himmel in Obergiesing: Ein Besuch in der Zimtschneckenfabrik | Mit Vergnügen München
Mitten in Obergiesing liegt ein zauberhafter Ort: Die Zimtschneckenfabrik. Wir haben in der Backstube vorbei geschaut und sind dem süßen Gebäck verfallen.
4 days ago
Keycloak is an open source identity and access management solution
api  auth  authentication  opensource  openid  kerberos  ldap  oauth  security 
4 days ago
Protect IID
Learn to Protect your Internet Identity.
chrome  extension  email 
5 days ago
Why I quit a $500K job at Amazon to work for myself
Despite getting rewarded repeatedly with promotions, compensation, recognition, and praise, I wasn't motivated enough to do another year.
finance  salary  interviewing  life 
5 days ago
Why Freelancing Creates Anxiety About Money
The time-is-money mind-set is hard to escape.
5 days ago
Quantitative Economics
This website presents a series of lectures on quantitative economic modeling, designed and written by Thomas J. Sargent and John Stachurski.
datascience  python  julia  math  econometrics  economics  finance  quantecon  quant 
5 days ago
4 Reasons Why You Should Design Without Color First
Creating your screens in grayscale before adding color forces you think clearly and prioritize right when it comes to UX design. When you start designing keeping the B&W color palette constraint in…
5 days ago
adamzap/landslide: Generate HTML5 slideshows from markdown, ReST, or textile
Generate HTML5 slideshows from markdown, ReST, or textile - adamzap/landslide
html5  presentation  python  markdown  slides 
5 days ago
SQL: One of the most valuable skills - Craig Kerstiens
I’ve learned a lot of skills over the course of my career, but no technical skill more useful than SQL. SQL stands out to me as the most …
sql  programming 
5 days ago
Make your site’s pages instant in 1 minute and improve your conversion rate by 1%.
javascript  performance  speed  fast  preloading  html  web 
5 days ago
reveal.js – The HTML Presentation Framework
A framework for easily creating beautiful presentations using HTML
javascript  presentation  slides  framework  html 
5 days ago
auchenberg/vscode-browser-preview: A real browser preview inside your editor that you can debug.
A real browser preview inside your editor that you can debug. - auchenberg/vscode-browser-preview
vscode  extension  browser  embedded  chrome 
5 days ago
VPS hosting and OpenStack | CloudVPS
We offer VPS hosting and cloud- and infrastructure solutions to businesses worldwide, and make flexibility of IT solutions accessible and easy.
hosting  vps  web  cloud 
7 days ago
Intelligent Hosting Platform |
Bare metal servers, 100% SSD сloud servers and powerful GPU servers with up to 40 Gbps global redundant network
hosting  vps  web  cloud  server 
7 days ago
UpCloud: World's fastest cloud servers
World's fastest cloud servers with a 100% uptime SLA! From $5/mo with free trial today.
hosting  vps  europe  web 
7 days ago
#ServingGreen: There are many things we can do to to make sure that the apps we build, the data we share, and the sites we visit are good for people and planet.
energy  sustainability  green  web  future 
8 days ago
Building for sustainability with WordPress - Susty WP
The web has a dirty secret – it uses a lot of electricity. The Internet's carbon footprint has possibly already surpassed that of global air travel. Susty WP is a collection of resources and best practices, as well as being a practical example itself, for how WordPress developers can make the web more sustainable.
wordpress  compression  sustainability  opensource  energy  environment 
8 days ago
Mortennn/Dozer: Hide MacOS menubar items
Hide MacOS menubar items. Contribute to Mortennn/Dozer development by creating an account on GitHub.
mac  app  menubar  utility  opensource 
8 days ago
STA Travel | Billige Flüge, Erlebnisreisen, Studentenrabatte, Hotels und Hostels, Around the World Tickets & Mietwagen
Die Reiseexperten für Studenten und junge Leute ✈ Finde bei uns günstige Flüge weltweit, Around the World Tickets, Rundreisen, Camper & mehr!
8 days ago
Wake Word: A game about the ridiculous future of bad AI - The Verge
In this dystopian text game, it’s your first day at Cadabra — the only company to survive the Disruption War. Can you leave your apartment before your AI assistant gets you fired, arrested, or killed?
game  ai  dystopia  hn  interactive 
12 days ago
vietnguyen91/QuickDraw: Implementation of Quickdraw - an online game developed by Google
Implementation of Quickdraw - an online game developed by Google - vietnguyen91/QuickDraw
machine-learning  quickdraw 
12 days ago
How I negotiated a $300,000 offer in Silicon Valley
In the span of a week, I had job offers to work as a software engineer at Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, LinkedIn, and Yelp. Here’s how I negotiated them.
job  interview  career 
12 days ago
RustPython/RustPython: A Python Interpreter written in Rust
A Python Interpreter written in Rust. Contribute to RustPython/RustPython development by creating an account on GitHub.
rust  python  programming  opensource 
12 days ago
ASR33/ at master · hughpyle/ASR33
Using a Teletype Model 33 mechanical terminal. Contribute to hughpyle/ASR33 development by creating an account on GitHub.
ascii  art 
12 days ago
Making a DIY text laser projector / Habr
Let’s find out how to make a simple enough laser projector out of electronics you can find at home.

There are two ways to create an image with a laser — vector scan and raster...
diy  hardware  interesting 
12 days ago
Anthony Boyd Graphics
Free PSD Mockups & PBR Textures by Anthony Boyd Graphics. Use these High Quality Graphic Design Resources to showcase any branding work you might have. Available for personal and commercial use.
mockups  texture 
12 days ago
Browse the State-of-the-Art in Machine Learning
579 leaderboards • 992 tasks • 744 datasets • 9515 papers with code.
machinelearning  ml  ai  papers  research  datascience 
12 days ago
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