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trimstray/ My simple Swiss Army knife for http/https troubleshooting and profiling.
My simple Swiss Army knife for http/https troubleshooting and profiling. - trimstray/
bash  shell  https  security  debugging  networking  ssl  tool 
9 weeks ago by e2b
Remote Code Execution in apt/apt-get
tl;dr I found a vulnerability in apt that allows a network man-in-the-middle (or a malicious package mirror) to execute arbitrary code as root on a machine i...
linux  security  debian  apt  https 
january 2019 by e2b
The Illustrated TLS 1.3 Connection: Every Byte Explained
Every byte of a TLS 1.3 connection explained and reproduced
https  ssl  security  reference  networking 
november 2018 by e2b
How HTTPS works - How HTTPS works
Follow the adventures of Certificat as she explains why HTTPS is crucial for the future of the internet and how it all works together in a comic.
https  learning  comics 
october 2018 by e2b
A cartoon intro to DNS over HTTPS – Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
At Mozilla, we closely track threats to users' privacy and security. This is why we've added tracking protection to Firefox and created the Facebook container extension. In today's cartoon intro, ...
dns  https  security 
june 2018 by e2b
SSL Certificate Expiration Alerts
Setup FREE alerts for SSL Certificate Expiration ✌️
letsencrypt  https  tls  webserver  notification  selfhosted 
february 2018 by e2b
Nick Craver - HTTPS on Stack Overflow: The End of a Long Road
Today, we deployed HTTPS by default on Stack Overflow. All traffic is now redirected to https:// and Google links will change over the next few weeks. The ac...
deployment  https  security  article 
may 2017 by e2b

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