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Ikonate – fully customisable & accessible vector icons
Customise, adjust and download free vector icons. Ikonate is an adaptable set of optimised, accessible SVG icons that use can easily use in both development and design apps such as Sketch and Photoshop. Ready to use as images, inline SVGs or SVG sprites.
design  icons  svg  icon  accessibility  opensource  vector 
may 2019 by e2b
ICONSVG - Quick customizable SVG icons for your project
Simple tool to find, customize and generate common SVG icons for your project
svg  icon  generator  design  interface  ui  tool 
march 2019 by e2b
Paper Project -
A Material Design-influenced FreeDesktop icon set
themes  ubuntu  linux  theme  icon 
march 2019 by e2b
Slackmojis - The Best Custom Slack Emojis
A directory of the best custom emojis for your Slack chat. Download them all! Works in Discord too.
slack  emoji  icon 
october 2017 by e2b
Feather – Simply beautiful open source icons
Designed on a 24x24 grid with an emphasis on functionality, consistency and simplicity.
opensource  icons  design  svg  ui  icon  free 
july 2017 by e2b
Icon Animations Powered by mo.js | Codrops
Various icon animations made with mo.js, a powerful motion graphics library by Oleg Solomka. Inspiration comes from the Dribbble shot "Like Animation".
javascript  icon  design  animation 
march 2016 by e2b

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