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How I'm able to take notes in mathematics lectures using LaTeX and Vim | Gilles Castel
A while back I an­swered a ques­tion on Quora: Can peo­ple ac­tu­al­ly keep up with note-​taking in Math­e­mat­ics lec­tures with LaTeX .
There, I ex­plained…
snippets  latex  vim  math  notes  editor 
march 2019 by e2b
Mathpix Snip
Do you spend a lot of time typing equations in LaTeX? Try Mathpix Snip for MacOS / Windows / Linux and start saving time now
mac  windows  linux  app  latex  math  ocr  menu  bar  mathematics 
february 2019 by e2b
anishathalye/gemini: Gemini is a modern LaTex beamerposter theme 🖼
Gemini is a modern LaTex beamerposter theme 🖼. Contribute to anishathalye/gemini development by creating an account on GitHub.
latex  poster  beamer  theme 
october 2018 by e2b
xiaohanyu/awesome-tikz: A curated list of awesome TikZ documentations, libraries and resources
awesome-tikz - A curated list of awesome TikZ documentations, libraries and resources
latex  tikz  tex  list  collection  awesome  examples 
january 2018 by e2b
Easy generation of citations in BibTeX format from digital object identifiers (DOIs).
latex  academia  doi  research 
december 2017 by e2b
Learn LaTeX in 30 minutes - ShareLaTeX, Online LaTeX Editor
A comprehensive LaTeX guide with easy to understand examples and how-tos.
latex  writing  math  interesting  learning 
may 2017 by e2b
Designing a Business Card in LaTeX
In 2017, I will graduate from Ghent University. This means starting a professional career, either in academia or in industry. One of the first things that ca...
latex  design 
february 2017 by e2b
Overleaf: Real-time Collaborative Writing and Publishing Tools with Integrated PDF Preview
The online platform for scientific writing. Overleaf is free: start writing now with one click. No sign-up required. Great on your iPad.
collaboration  latex  tex 
september 2015 by e2b
ShareLaTeX, the Online LaTeX Editor
An online LaTeX editor that's easy to use. No installation, real-time collaboration, version control, hundreds of LaTeX templates, and more.
latex  web  editor  collaboration  opensource 
june 2015 by e2b

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