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Instantly get a list of all your accounts, delete the ones you are not using.
email  privacy  internet  delete  social  account  security 
november 2018 by e2b
Ripcord: Desktop Chat Client
Ripcord is a desktop chat client for group-centric services like Slack and Discord. It provides a traditional compact desktop interface designed for power users.
chat  social  slack  linux  native  messenger  app  discord 
october 2018 by e2b
Textile Photos
Encrypted backup for your photos on the decentralized web.
images  social  decentralized  sharing  p2p  encryption  backup 
march 2018 by e2b
Carbon is the easiest way to create and share beautiful images of your source code.
image  code  share  screenshot  presentation  programming  social  media  generator 
january 2018 by e2b
p2p social networking with Rotonde & Beaker Browser -
A short introduction to p2p social networking with Rotonde & Beaker Browser.
p2p  decentralization  decentralized  networking  social 
october 2017 by e2b
Monica - a CRM for your friends and family
Monica is a tool to manage your interactions with your loved ones, friends and family.
opensource  social  crm  family  personal  database  selfhosted  contacts 
june 2017 by e2b
Social Media Sharing Buttons. No JavaScript. No tracking. Super fast and easy.
Super fast and easy Social Media Sharing Buttons. No JavaScript. No tracking.
sharing  social  css  web  buttons  design 
august 2016 by e2b

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