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Factors in authentication - apenwarr
Multi-factor authentication remains hard-to-use, hard-to-secure,
and error-prone. I've been studying authentication lately to see if it
9 weeks ago by e30chris
Privacy Tools - Encryption Against Global Mass Surveillance
You are being watched! Knowledge, encryption and privacy tools to protect you against global mass surveillance.
10 weeks ago by e30chris
Jessie Frazelle's Blog: Getting Towards Real Sandbox Containers
What steps need to be done until we have containers that can be considered sandboxes
container  containers  docker  linux  security 
11 weeks ago by e30chris
projectatomic/bubblewrap: Unprivileged sandboxing tool
Unprivileged sandboxing tool. Contribute to projectatomic/bubblewrap development by creating an account on GitHub.
docker  linux  security 
11 weeks ago by e30chris
Convenient SSH proxying through a bastion host – William Tsoi – Medium
The use of a bastion host is not new, but I found a little trick recently that makes connecting to instances through a bastion host a little easier. Usually in order to access a server in a private…
ssh  security  aws 
november 2018 by e30chris
Crypto Anchors: Exfiltration Resistant Infrastructure
We need to start architecting our data-flows in a way that makes it harder for attackers to continue exfiltrating sensitive data our of our infrastructures
october 2017 by e30chris
How Coinbase Builds Secure Infrastructure To Store Bitcoin In The Cloud
It was the right solution at the time. With just two technical founders building the product (neither with any serious dev-ops experience) we knew that Heroku would be more battle tested than any…
infrastructure  security 
september 2017 by e30chris
My $169 development Chromebook
simple, secure, superb.. ~ My $169 development Chromebook
july 2017 by e30chris
How To Add A Security Key To Your Gmail (Tech Solidarity)
Useful and easy-to-follow guide for improving the security of a Gmail account. h/t: @pwnallthethings
security  google 
april 2017 by e30chris
trailofbits/algo: Set up a personal IPSEC VPN in the cloud
Set up a personal IPSEC VPN in the cloud. Contribute to trailofbits/algo development by creating an account on GitHub.
security  linux  tools  vpn  ansible 
april 2017 by e30chris
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