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Using oauth for a simple command line script to access Google's data
I recently needed to write a simple script to pull some data from a Google website. Since I was grabbing some private data, I needed authorize myself to do that. I found it much more work than I expected, not because it's hard, but because there wasn't much documentation there to guide me - I had to puzzle out what path to go based on lots of not particularly relevant documentation. So once I'd figured it out I decided to write a short account of what I'd done, partly in case I need to do this again, and partly to help anyone else who wants to do this.
oauth  google 
february 2015 by edavey
maccman's roauth at master - GitHub
Devise is a flexible authentication solution for Rails based on Warden. It:

Is Rack based;
Is a complete MVC solution based on Rails engines;
Allows you to have multiple roles (or models/scopes) signed in at the same time;
Is based on a modularity concept: use just what you really need.
ruby  development  authentication  oauth 
february 2010 by edavey

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